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If you’re like most small businesses, you may not have the largest marketing budget. So, where do you spend your limited resources? Do you opt for a traditional or online based campaign? Let’s break down the benefits and drawbacks of both strategies to see which is right for your small business, traditional or online marketing in Lake Worth.



Traditional marketing campaigns usually involve things like billboards, radio commercials, and print advertisements. These things often require too much of a time commitment and do not see compounding results the same way an online marketing campaign can pick up steam. Also, you often run into the problem of reaching the same people and not new customers as time goes on. An online campaign’s reach grows over time and allows for better lead conversion.


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Local Markets

For many years, local markets were the stronghold for traditional marketing and the choice of small businesses. Today, online programs such as Google Maps have allowed potential customers to find local businesses, check customer reviews, and compare products or services. The final nail in the coffin for traditional local marketing is the price. Many online programs such as Google Maps are free for businesses and only cost money if they decide to use paid promotion.



This one goes to online marketing. The amount of leads it converts to customers is far higher than traditional marketing. This is primarily due to the fact that online marketing can be a two-way conversation that engages prospective customers. Traditional methods are linear and fail to create personal relationships.


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