Online Review Management I How to Respond to Negative Facebook Reviews

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Facebook is a powerful tool that allows businesses to engage, connect, and establish trust with their clients. These pages also have the added benefit of increasing brand awareness, website traffic and ultimately increasing sales. Connecting and engaging with your customers is a great way to show them the person behind your business and connect with a real person. Reviews and comments are a reality of having an online presence and this guide will help you through the process online review management.

What Not to Do: Online Review Mangement

online review management how to respond to negative Facebook reviews

Delete Them

Deleting the review will only anger the customer. Therefore, the customer might react by telling everyone about how poorly they were treated by your business. Most of all, remember that one bad personal Facebook post about your brand will spread to that person’s followers and so on. Every online business interaction should be treated the same as an in-person complaint.

Ignore Them

Ignoring a complaint won’t make it disappear! Don’t take this route because you don’t know how to respond and are intimidated by online interaction. If a customer called your business and wanted to address an issue they had, you wouldn’t just hang up the phone. Remember that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Online review management only gets more difficult the longer you wait to reply.

Angry Response

It is understandable that there could be an immediate feeling anger when someone is unhappy with your business. Do not respond to the customer with an angry reply. That will not resolve the issue and only reflect badly upon your business. Take a deep breath and respond in a professional manner to resolve the customer’s issue. Your interaction is on display for the world to see.

Insincere Apology

Although the approach responds to the comment or review, it does little to resolve the issue. Your customers will be aware if they are pushed aside and ignored. As a business, you should be responding with a way to resolve the issue. Customers are commenting or reviewing with the intention that you can resolve the issue. Furthermore, they took the time to like your page and make you aware of the situation the least you can do is give them a few minutes of your time.


What To Do: Online Review Management

how do i respond to negative Facebook comments online review management

Step 1: Apologize to the customer and acknowledge their concerns in the negative review. Remember that your customer is always right, even when they are wrong. Therefore, a response such as, “I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience at our store.”, would be appropriate.

Step 2: Insert a positive attribute about your business or employees in the response. Show the customer what you strive for as a business. “Our store is normally known for our top notch and incomparable detail, we regret that you didn’t have that experience.”

Step 3: Move the conversation off Facebook to discuss the issue over the phone or in person. This gives you and the customer the chance to resolve the issue without it being on display for all your followers. “My name is (business owner), I’d like to discuss this problem in further detail with you so we can come to a solution, please contact me at (email or phone number).”


Responding to online customer complaints is an important element of any business. Therefore, dedicating time to online review management can be a daunting task. Digital Resource can help you manage customer reviews and comments. We can ensure that when your customers search for you online, they will see a business that sincerely cares about their customers and their feedback. Connect with our online review experts in West Palm beach today!

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