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Search results are the number one reason why people decide to buy a product or a service. Making your company one of the top search results is crucial in the new year. With changes coming for online searches, we want you to be ahead of the game. Read more about the best online search marketing agency to grow your business!

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Trending Visual Searches:


In the first place, Pinterest approved a new feature to its mobile app. It is a camera-powered “Lens” that allows people to take a photo and search online to related products. This is a great tool for marketing campaigns because people can search for your product or service online that may take them directly to your website. As such, it can generate leads for your business like you’ve never imagined!



In addition, 360° videos are a common precursor before someone buys a product or service. You should have the metadata optimized with keywords related to your product. As a result, your website should incorporate videos of products and services you offer so people will see your company first.



Lastly, searches will look toward rating-based searches beginning this year. A rumored technology will enable users to rate images of products. After completing these ratings, the service will offer product suggestions solely based on your rating. Text may be on the decline for the new year and visual searches will see a significant increase.

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Are You Looking for an Online Search Marketing Agency?

Last but not least, online searches are important to the visibility and overall success of your business. You can expect visual searches to be the trend to look out for in the new year. We are your experts for everything digital in 2019! Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation!

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