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Determining if a company’s SEO strategy is effective can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with digital marketing trends.  While Googling the company and keywords affiliated with the brand is the obvious method, there is simply more to it than that.  Also, Google has already significantly updated their algorithm in 2017 and will continue to make changes.  Therefore, an online SEO analysis must consider the various and on-going updates happening in real time.  An effective search engine strategy can dramatically increase revenue, brand recognition and longevity of a business.  Follow this guide to determine if your SEO is sufficient or in need of a renovation.

how to do an online seo analysis

Step Into Your Customer’s Shoes


When searching for a product or service online, where do you begin? Searching for the right solution can be as simple as clicking on the top result on Google or spending hours comparing websites and Yelp reviews. The key to SEO success is determining exactly what potential customers are typing into their search engines. Your daily content should reflect these searches as closely as possible. Ranking organically for specific searches will increase visibility for your customers and instill trust that your organization is the right solution for the customer’s needs.


Use SEO Analysis Sites


Understanding how you compare to the competition is crucial when determining a budget for SEO campaigns. The cost and labor involved in ranking for certain keywords can fluctuate dramatically depending on how intensely the competition is fighting for position. Sites such as SEOquake, SERPS and SpyFu allow a marketer to view important statistics that clearly show how a company compares to the competition. Also, SEO analysis is imperative to determine the biggest opportunities for a company to win coveted rankings for specific terms. If your SEO strategy also includes AdWords, viewing the “top buy recommendations” helps to determine what customers are searching for and can help inorganic paid traffic to convert to sales. As your industry evolves, there are always new searches to compete over. Keeping a watchful eye on consumer behavior online will help a marketer find new keywords before their competitors.


Examine Daily Content Contributions


There are many organizations that simply do not recognize the power and necessity of daily content for SEO purposes. An online SEO analysis should focus on how an organization contributes to maintaining and improving their online presence for strategic topics with content. Publishing authoritative content is the most reliable way to establish keyword rank. Daily blog postings, social media presence and website content that conveys expertise with proper back-end optimization is a winning formula for almost any industry.  Consider a content strategy that targets a local market rather than national or global searches. Local searches are much easier to rank for and often see a better return on investment.

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Need an Online SEO Analysis?


There are many advantages to doing a deep dive analysis on your company’s SEO strategy. Reviewing your approach will help determine a budget, best practices and biggest opportunities for the future of your online presence. Digital Resource, an online marketing agency, offers a free online SEO analysis. Take advantage of this service to learn insights on how your business can improve search engine rankings and show up online better than your competition by contacting our SEO experts today!

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