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Email marketing remains one of the elite channels for business communication. Finding out what makes your message stand out from the rest is the key to your bottom line. By taking a deeper look at click-through-rates, conversion rates and how much website traffic is being generated can allow you to identify the effectiveness of each email marketing initiative. To be successful with email marketing strategies, businesses should focus on fostering recipient engagement and keeping unsubscribe rates down. To create the right strategy, you need to conduct extensive research have a good understanding of your audience. Moreover, you need to implement a series of practices in order to develop a strategic approach that enables you to achieve your goals. Our Orlando email marketing company considers your strategy an essential for a highly effective campaign.

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1. Timing is Everything

One of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign should be the timing by which you send your campaigns.  Consider your target demographic and the time zones they may live in. The time of day users receives emails can directly contribute to performance indicators like your open-rate and click-through-rate. If your goal is to maximize user engagement with your emails, a good place to start is examining three-time slots.

  • Moring- when your users are commuting or arriving at work
  • Early Afternoon- typical lunch break hours
  • Evening- when they are home

You should also consider past campaigns that you’ve launched and the statistics you were able to gather from them. You may be able to cater to your audience’s lifestyle habits.

2. Subject Lines

A perfect subject line might the most important part of your email. It’s the first thing users read and the first impression of your brand. The key to an effective subject line is sparks an interest and builds anticipation of the email’s content. It’s just enough to get the user intrigued while staying true to your brand in under 50 characters. While keeping it simple is generally your best bet, it’s okay to get a little creative. The goal of a subject line is to entice recipients to open the message and read through the email. Furthermore, it’s important to be consistent. Your subject line should be an opener for what the email content entails. You shouldn’t use “clickbait” to get your readers to open the message. That will only disappoint them and leave a bad taste in their mouth regarding your brand.

3. Create Visual Content with an Orlando Email Marketing Company

A good rule of thumb is to always include more visuals than copy in an email. However, it is still beneficial to spending writing decent content. Users don’t want to read too much; just enough to be able to quickly skim and get an understanding.  If you do have a lot of content to offer, don’t put it in the email. Instead, use a call to action button and direct users to a landing page on your website.

 4. Optimized for All Devices

These days, users access their inbox from many different devices. The way one person views their email isn’t the same as another person. To ensure accessibility isn’t threatened for any user, a responsive email design is typically the best solution. The ability to optimize an email design allows all recipients on nearly any device to have a user-friendly experience.

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One of the most effective ways to concentrate communications with a specific audience is using email marketing. A strategic marketing approach can gather impressive results for all different types of brands. Our Orlando email marketing company can implement these practices into your everyday marketing campaign. We want you to reach your users and enjoy steady business growth. Contact us today for an internet marketing analysis!

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