Orlando Facebook Ads | How Do FB Ads Target My Audience?

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When it comes to your online marketing strategy, effective targeting is key to maximizing your business’s return on investment. Advertising your company is great. But your money and efforts may be spent in vain if your business is advertising to the wrong crowd. Luckily, Facebook has no shortage of ways to target your audience within its more than 1 billion daily active users. Orlando Facebook ads offer your business mind-blowing targeting options. An endless list of combinations lets you get as creative and as you need to in order to reach your customers.

How exactly does Facebook break down audience targeting? Be prepared to learn, experiment, and start generating more leads.

4 Ways Orlando Facebook Ads Target Your Audience

What do Orlando Facebook ads do for my audience?


Location, age, and gender are the usual items that come to mind when targeting your audience. Facebook takes it a step further. The site allows more than one county, city, postal code, or “marketing area” to be entered for location preferences. Addition to age, whole generations can be specified. For example, if you wish to market to an average age of 40 but also want to include millennials, it is possible with Orlando Facebook Ads.

Aside from the obvious demographics, your business can also target by language, relationship status, education level, income, and type of home Facebook users live in. You can also target specific employment, with employers, job titles, and whole industries focused. Even less orthodox demographics can be targeted. Whether or not users are parents, life events they have experienced, and political affiliations are just some of the other options.


Facebook users spend a lot of time “liking” things on the social media site. Approximately 40 minutes per day, actually. Your business can turn these likes and interests into an advantage. Orlando Facebook ads can reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the pages they’ve liked, and other closely related topics.

Types of interests that your business can target range in everything from health and wellness items to entertainment, to food and drink, and so much more. Hobbies, types of fashion and beauty, and even sports and technology can all be hyper focused to hone your audience. Combine interests and more in Facebook ads to expand your business’s reach.


How can Orlando facebook ads help my business?

The things that people like are one thing, but how they interact with their interests is another. Orlando Facebook ads give the capability to reach people based on purchase behaviors, technology usage, and more. Customers can be targeted by the charitable organizations or digital activities they have liked. Things like what they purchase and how often, how and where they travel, and which types of mobile technology they use are all factors that can impact who your Facebook ads reach.


It’s possible to target people who are either connected or not connected to your Facebook page, also. If you want to reach a new audience, Facebook ads have an option to “Exclude people who like your Page.” If you want to promote an offer or new product, there is an option to select “People who like your Facebook Page.” This option allows your business to reach people who already know your brand.

The connections targeting feature is great after you have established your Facebook ad campaign. It diversifies your ads and gives them different purposes to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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