Orlando Internet Marketing | How to Reach Tourists and Locals Online

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As one of the most visited cities in the United States, how can a local business succeed with so much competition? One necessary step is a proven online marketing strategy. Orlando, Florida is saturated with attractions, shopping malls, conventions and a little bit of magic. Reaching the estimated 48 million visitors per year is a top priority for all the businesses competing in this market. An Orlando internet marketing plan should cover everything from SEO, social media, and website design. Keep reading to find out more!


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3 Ways to Reach Locals and Tourists Using Orlando Internet Marketing

 1. SEO

When a family or business traveler is in Orlando and needs to find a local product or service, where do they look? The majority will use Google or other similar search engines for answers. Therefore, one of the most important aspects for your business to generate sales is to appear at or near the top of the search results. Currently, SEO has become somewhat of a “buzzword” for marketers, but how can you be sure your strategy is providing results? Everything from content, web design, backlinks and social media factor into your search engine rank. Select keywords that fit your target market. If you mostly cater to tourists, consider what they would be typing into Google to solve a problem that your business specializes in. If you service the local Orlando residents, consider local terminology and behavior.

2. Social Media

Visitors to the Orlando, Florida attractions are some of the most engaged social media users on the planet. For most families visiting the theme parks is a special event that needs to be documented and shared for all to see. Leverage this eagerness by imploring your customers to actively post online in ways that indirectly advertise your business. Encourage this behavior by introducing a “photo worthy” attraction at your business. This could be anything from a unique food, fun cut out boards, interactive games, and shows. Another option is to offer special discounts to customers who ‘like’ your Facebook page, follow you on twitter or leave a yelp review.

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3. Web Design

One often overlooked aspect of Orlando internet marketing is incorporating strategic website design that matches your brand’s messaging and achieves company goals. If your target market includes both tourists and locals, consider creating two separate websites. Depending on the objectives of the business, the website should seek to convert sales or inform the viewer of the opportunity to participate in your upcoming events. Gaining a link from a major attraction like Disney World or Universal Studios site can dramatically increase traffic to your site and SEO rank. Leverage any partnership you have with local attractions to increase your online presence.

Improving your company’s online presence is becoming increasingly important to be a lasting brand in a very competitive market. There is no one time fix. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and new tools to help consumers are being discovered every day. If your business needs help to manage internet marketing, give Digital Resource a try. Our internet marketing specialists can drastically improve your visibility online without your business having to hire new employees. Request a free internet marketing analysis for insights on how to improve your Orlando internet marketing efforts.

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