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Social media marketing is becoming a huge aspect of marketing for companies all over the globe. Businesses are leveraging the power of this digital tool to expand their audience and in turn, increase their overall sales. As a business owner, it’s important that you’re aware of what you can do to optimize your social media marketing. One important factor is understanding that each platform is different and needs to be used accordingly. Today we’re going to discuss Instagram, the platform that has recently reached 500 million users world-wide. Keep reading to learn how to build an effective Instagram strategy for your business…Your Orlando social media marketing depends on it!

Your Orlando social media marketing plan need a strong Instagram strategy!


The first step in building your Instagram strategy is to determine the kind of content you’ll be posting. The easiest way to do this is to set up a weekly plan for what you’ll post. This weekly plan should revolve around your industry and what an audience would want to see. For example, you could decide to do two informative, educational posts per week, two call-to-action posts and three fun posts. Once you decide what kind of content you’re going to post, you can start posting images. It’s vital that your images are bright, clear and of high-quality.

How can I improve my Orlando social media marketing strategy?


The second step in building your Instagram strategy is to start using hashtags. If you’re not familiar with social media hashtags, they are words or phrases that follow the “#” symbol. On Instagram, hashtags basically categorize content. People can search for the content they’re interested in by simply typing the related hashtag into the search bar. Therefore, using hashtags will make your posts more likely to be seen. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, so be sure to use all 30 with words and phrases that relate to your specific posts and your industry as a whole. You can do research to find out some of the best hashtags to use.


The last step in building your Instagram strategy is to engage with other users. There are many different ways to engage with users. Like and respond to the comments people leave on your photos. Like and comment on other people’s photos. Find similar accounts to your own and follow these accounts. Search relevant hashtags so you can like and comment on the images that use these hashtags. Send personalized thank you messages to users that follow your page. As stated before, there are millions and millions of Instagram users. So the best way to grow your account is to connect with as many of those users as possible.

Learn More About Your Orlando Social Media Marketing Strategy Today!

Now that you’re up-to-date on building a strong Instagram strategy, you might be wondering how to build other social media strategies as well, like Facebook or Twitter. Fortunately for you, Digital Resource can help you there! We are an internet marketing agency with the skills, experience and passion that your Orlando social media marketing strategy needs! Reach out to one of our internet marketing specialists today!

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