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Understanding your audience is a huge factor when planning your business social media presence and advertising. The rising rate of engaged Millennials and Generation Z makes them an important group to target and understand. They make up a huge portion of the population and have different views and opinions about what is going on around the world. Focusing on these target markets with your Orlando social media marketing will ensure that your social media presence is helping to grow your business.

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The Facts on Millennials and Generation Z

Generation Z is the group of people born between 1996 to 2010. They are described as “Pluralist”, meaning they have more conviction in global diversity. It is important to factor them into your business marketing because of their focus on social media interaction. 54% of Generation Z recommended Vine as their top social media platform. This proves that video is king of the internet. 42% feel that social media has a direct impact on their self-esteem. 67% of them use Facebook regularly and 23% say they use SnapChat multiple times a day. As a business, you have just 8 seconds to engage with this group on social media and connect with them as a real person.

Generation Z Marketing Tips

  1. Social media content should be kept short and positive
  2. Posts should be visually pleasing and offer something of use to them
  3. Content should provide the opportunity to interact with the business
  4. Video-based content is preferred over other visuals
  5. Authentic posts and advertising should be top priority
  6. Exclusive offers capture their attention
  7. Posts should be scheduled when they wake up and when they are done with classes
  8. Thursday and Friday are the most active days for Generation Z


Millennials are the group of people who were born between 1977 and 1995. This group is split into two categories older millennials (25 to 34) and younger Millennials (18 to 24). 41% of this group are active on Facebook every day. 34% of younger Millennials use Instagram daily versus 25% of older Millennials. 59% of them only watch advertisements until they can skip them. This means the content must be engaging to try to capture their attention. 87% of this age group owns a smartphone and uses it 150 times per day on average. 5 out of 6 Millennials use social media as their first choice when contacting a business. 34% of Millennials are turning to social media when making purchasing decisions.

Millennials Marketing Tips

  1. Instagram and SnapChat are the favorite social networks of Millennials
  2. Business focus on brand advocates on social media are seen are more trustworthy
  3. Engage in topics that they are vocal about
  4. This group relies on ratings and reviews to decide about a purchase
  5. Creative content is most engaging and relevant to this group
  6. There should be a large focus on added value to social media and Millennials

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What’s Next for Orlando Social Media Marketing?

If you plan on targeting Generation Z or Millennials in your next Orlando social media marketing campaign make sure that you have the right team. Digital Resource can help your business thrive by guiding your social media presence and advertising efforts to grow your business. Contact our team of social media marketing experts today to get started!

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