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Switching up your company’s website to stay current and on brand can be tricky at times. However, keeping up with web design trends is essential to engage current customers, and generate new leads. From eye-catching visuals to subtle details, every aspect of your company’s website is important, according to an Orlando web design company. Check out the trends some of the best brands are utilizing on their website to stay relevant in the digital world.

Google Fonts

Small businesses and major brands alike are turning more towards using Google fonts on their websites. Google fonts is a free and open source resource, bringing web designers typography in over 135 languages. In addition to enhancing your brand’s personality, using Google fonts can also improve your website’s performance and load time.

Where can I find the best Orlando web design company?

Live Chat Options

Delivering customer service online is a proven way to keep current customers satisfied and create new leads. Integrating a live chat support option at the bottom-right corner of a company’s website is becoming a must in web design. This offers immediate support to a website user, delivering overall satisfaction. Airline companies, e-commerce websites, and even medical professionals are all integrating live chat into their web design to deliver immediate support. In fact, 90% of customers find live chat helpful.

Where can I find the best Orlando web design company?

Bold Images

Many websites are now integrating bold, eye-catching hero images into their web design. In general, these images are generally placed in the front and center of the landing page. The goal behind the bold images is to immediately catch the attention of the viewer and deliver a message. Often times, these bold images are accompanied with typography delivering a clean and concise message.

Finding an Orlando Web Design Company

Making sure your company’s website is staying current can be time-consuming and tricky. Contact the web design experts at Digital Resource to create a website to deliver results, or update your existing website. This Orlando web design company can assist you in keeping your company’s website on trend, delivering customer satisfaction and results.

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