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In recent months Palm Beach has been in the national spotlight due to President Trump’s weekly visits to the Mar-O-Lago estate.  This sprawling county is home to major events like the International Boat Show, Sunfest Music Festival, major league spring training facilities, professional golf tournaments and various other spring break attractions.  Palm Beach County consists of several nationally recognizable towns like Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, the city of West Palm Beach and the luxurious town of Palm Beach.  Each town represents a significant market which typically would require an individual marketing strategy.  However, ranking at the top of search results for the county is a competitive, but lucrative achievement.  Palm Beach SEO strategy should be conducted with a mix of technical and local knowledge.

Why SEO My Business?

Imagine you need to hire a local agency to fix your computer, paint your house or cater an event.  What is the first thing you would do if you had never hired a company for this job before?  If you said search Google for assistance you would be aligned with most consumers.  Do you pick the first company that appears on the search, research each business on the front page of results or consult a consumer review page like Yelp?  SEO strategies are crucial factors influencing your final decision regardless of methods for comparing results.  Think of SEO like the modern version of “word-of-mouth” marketing.  Palm Beach SEO results are achieved when a company does all the little things properly, similar to how word-of-mouth referrals are spread when a business leaves a lasting impression on their customers.

how to start using palm beach seo for my business?

Diversify Palm Beach SEO Strategies

Spend enough time reading SEO blogs and you will see endless lists of suggestions for ranking a business on popular search engines.  Picking one strategy and sticking to it simply will not crack the ever-changing Google algorithm.  Results are achieved when a diversified approach is executed properly.  Blogging, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, Blacklining and Map Listing are some of the most common ways to achieve organic search rankings.  Local media outlets like the Palm Beach Post, WPTV and the Sun Sentinel can provide valuable SEO influence if they decide to cover a story related to your firm via press release or breaking news update.

The best palm beach seo strategies for my business.

Linking for SEO

Achieve Palm Beach SEO results by implementing a linking strategy that best suits the search engine algorithm.  Mistakenly many companies overuse DoFollow links.  A DoFollow link has the potential to influence your website’s credibility on Google.  However, overusing DoFollow links is flagged as suspicious inorganic SEO activity and your ranking can be punished.  Balance this by mixing in an equal amount of NoFollow links.  NoFollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines bots that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking.  These links typically originate in social networking pages and consumer review sites.  Also, linking out other sites on your website encourages friendly web designers to return the favor.  Linking businesses that support your initiatives like suppliers, third party sales websites, etc. promote good digital karma.  Sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia generally will not reciprocate because they are so commonly linked on a regular basis.

Need Help Getting Started?

There is much more to SEO strategy than can be covered in a single blog post.  For industry specific advice, contact an internet marketing specialist. Here at Digital Resource, our team can conduct a free review of your local online presence.  A Palm Beach SEO strategy when properly implemented will increase sales and protect your position from the competition!

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