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PBHS is a company that offers web design and marketing practices to those in the dental field. If you are a dentist, you might think that PBHS is the ideal company given their specialty. That’s not the case. When you peel back the layers, there are some things about PBHS that actually make them a bad company to use. Read this PBHS review to learn just a few of the reasons why you should NOT use them.

Reason #1: You Won’t Have Admin Access

While the main reason for hiring a company to run your website is so you don’t have to do it, you will likely still want admin access. Well, with PBHS you won’t get that. At PBHS, they use a different version of WordPress that is called Managed WordPress. With Managed WordPress, your website is connected to everyone else. As a result, you can’t get admin access to your own website.

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Reason #2: You Won’t Rank as Well

With PBHS, they run your website off of their server, even after the site is done being built. While you might not think this is a big deal, it can greatly affect how your website ranks on Google and other search engines. It reduces the number of times that Google is allowed to crawl your site. This causes you to lose rankings because it upsets Google.

Reason #3: You Won’t Own Your Website

Think about that for a minute. You have this website promoting you and your dental practice but, at the end of the day, you don’t own it. That could cause major issues going forward. Not only do you have to start all over with making a new website, you also have to make sure you don’t use any content from the old website because Google will flag it as duplicate content.

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Don’t Believe This PBHS Review?

Instead of dealing with PBHS and a company that doesn’t allow you access to your own website, consider contacting us at Digital Resource. We create custom, comprehensive marketing strategies for each individual client. We will also give you your website should you choose to no longer use our services.

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