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Unfamiliar with Pinterest? Then it’s time to set your social media presence apart with useful Pinterest tips … We all know the benefits of utilizing social media for business growth. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the common choices for developing a social media presence for brands and companies. But, you may be unaware that Pinterest can also be a useful asset to your business. Some minor changes can make major differences in the optimization of your businesses Pinterest posts.

Pinterest tips | How to construct a great Pinterest post. How do I make the perfect Pinterest post?

Make Your Pins Aesthetically Pleasing

First things first, start with quality content. The images you pin should be not only high quality, clear images, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The more striking an image is, the more likely a pinner will engage with your content and find their way to your businesses website, increasing your site’s traffic.

Write a Strong Description

Pinterest has no shortage of dream vacations, fantasy travel destinations, bucket lists, and delicious eclectic meals. Safe to say, Pinterest is a community full of dreamers. As a result, the more your description can paint a picture and tap into the imagination of your pinner, the more success your content will have.

Keep Them Relevant

Each pin is an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. When attaching links to your pins make sure the link leads the pinner to a relevant landing page. For example, if you’re pin is an image of a new item of clothing you are promoting, make sure the link in the description directs straight to that specific items landing pages. This increases your chances of making an e-commerce sale.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Utilizing relevant keywords and hashtags is a useful way to optimize your Pins. By using relevant hashtags and keywords pinners are more likely to find your pin while searching for specific content. When adding relevant hashtags to the end of your descriptions, avoid an excessive amount, too many hashtags make your pin look like spam.

Pinterest tips | How to construct a great Pinterest post. How do I make the perfect Pinterest post?

Know Your Audience

Pay attention to your follower’s pins, likes, interests, and the other relevant brands they follow. Paying attention to your follower’s interest is an easy way to get to know your audience. Unlike some other social platforms, Pinterest users likes and interests are easily visible. This is useful information that can work as a key insight to consider when developing your content.

Encourage Conversation/ Engage with the Community

The more engagement and comments on your pins, the better. A helpful trick for encouraging comments and engaging with the Pinterest community is to include a question in your description. For example: “Tell us which one of our new products is your favorite” or “What’s your favorite weekend hobby?”

Want to Learn More Pinterest Tips and Social Media Strategies?

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