Quality Web Design Company | 4 Button Rules You Need to Know

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Good website design is characterized by its attention to detail. A commonly overlooked design element are buttons on your website. These direct users to a different web page and at its most basic level—needs to be clickable. Keep reading for more information about the best quality web design company!

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Keep These Tips in Mind:

1. Positioning is Key

For starters, it is essential that you are placing the buttons in areas that make sense to your visitors. Use traditional layouts that can be commonly found on other websites. The worst-case scenario is that visitors have to search up and down for the button.


2. Label Them

Moreover, always label your buttons on each of your web pages. In particular, this is very important if your customers click on a CTA button or redirect to a contact form. Otherwise, the button will be overlooked, and you will not see lead generation from your website.


3. Size and Scale

In addition, ensure that you are sizing and scaling your buttons. You do not want them to be too large or too small. Make the button large enough that it is visible to the reader as they are reading up and down your page.

Plus, optimize these buttons for both desktop and mobile devices!


4. Interaction

Lastly, try to incorporate interactions within the button itself. For example, simply hovering over the button should change in color or temporarily make movements. As such, visitors will understand that the button is clickable and the form they filled out was completed.

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Do You Need a Quality Web Design Company?

All in all, it is extremely important that you are giving website buttons the attention it needs. This tiny detail can prove large conversions to enhancing the customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about our FREE website evaluation!

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