Reducing Your Bounce Rate for Better Traffic

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  • 67% of all clicks go to the first result.
  • Google accounts for 79% of al desktop search traffic.
  • 50% of search queries are at least four words.


Many websites struggle with a high bounce rate, that is, many people are spending too little time on your site and leaving after only a few seconds. This issue can have several contributing factors, but addressing the issues and applying fixes can have some meaningful results for your ability to keep people on your pages.


Bad Links and Errors

Fix small problems as they come up.

Because most people find new webpages via links from other websites in addition to links from search engine results, it is imperative that you make sure your links across the web are not broken and still link to relevant content. Having a bunch of dead links come up across other pages is a great way to make users think you’re out of business or your domain is somehow not trustworthy. Many people associate viruses and other problems with websites that are not functioning well even though there may be no actual danger. In combination with quality content and a sleek design, keeping good links and staying on top of errors is a must to preserve the long-term effectiveness of your site.

Low-Quality Content

Don’t slack on the details.

When someone follows a link to your website or to your social media accounts looking form information, you want them to find what they need with quality content that gets to the point and doesn’t leave the reader with a list of questions. Being upfront and explaining as much as possible using your content is a great way to get people to trust your page and keep reading.


Having content full of errors or content that doesn’t meet most people’s standards will cause them to lose trust or doubt the credentials of your business. Be sure to invest in quality content that says exactly what you need to say in a simple and meaningful way. Many people who operate businesses online are not experts in this field, and so it is very common to outsource this work to a professional writer who can materialize your vision.


Obnoxious Interface

Easy to use is important.

The interface of your mobile site and web-based platform should be smooth and not have any dead ends or errors. This includes pop-ups, images that are unaligned or cover up content, anything that can make the website awkward and frustrating to deal with. This makes it much more likely that people who end up on your page and stay there, as they are not being distracted by anything. Distractions are the enemy in terms of web design, you want your readers focused and not trying to get through ads.


One of the biggest problems with excessive copy and pop up functions is that they can draw the eyes away from the content, braking concentration and causing some to lose interest. In an effort to combat this, many web designers try to go with a more minimalist approach to web design, only incorporating the most important elements. Decide what information is critical and what information could be left out. The best way to do this is to make a list of all your most important points, and rank them from most to least important, allowing you to leave out things that are not so imperative, allowing you to smoothen the browsing experience.

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Not Mobile Friendly

Improve both spheres of contact.

Many websites fall into this trap, especially businesses that have been around for about as long as the Internet has or longer. Many websites are designed to look good on a computer, but the truth is that most searches for new businesses take place on a phone. Ideally, you want your company to be represented well by a website that will look good on a smaller screen while still providing all of the most important information.


Mobile sites are becoming more intuitive every day, so it might be time to catch up and have a trusty mobile version of your site designed and implemented. This can dramatically improve your numbers on organic search, as a large chunk of organic search is mobile-based. Capturing this market will have big results in terms of visitors and engagement, making your website much more accessible in the modern age. Mobile sites are quickly becoming just as important as standard web configurations, so be sure to modernize your mobile site when you update your main page. Links can get broken or lost when pages are updated and especially when a mobile site is left out of that update, so plan accordingly.


Slow Page Loading

Streamline the experience.

This might not seem like a big issue, but it ties into the user interface argument. If your page is error-free and designed well, it won’t matter if your pages take way too long to load, because most people will get frustrated and go elsewhere. This can become even more problematic when combined with other issues like spelling errors or pop-up ads that can cause frustration. Slow page loading is also extremely detrimental to pages with a lot of written copy, as it can take time for sections of the content to load, making it harder to read.


By making sure you minimize features and tame your user interface, you can ensure a smooth browsing experience conducive to trust and interaction. One way to reduce loading time for pages with a lot of written content is to minimize your images, as images always take longer to load than text. Don’t include too many high-resolution images with your writing or it could slow down your pages. Ideally, you want your pages to load before someone has scrolled down them so that there is no interruption in the scrolling flow.

Develop Your Winning Strategy


When it comes to retaining your readership there are many things that a professional SEO strategy can accomplish. Digital Resource is here to get your site back on its feet and reducing bounce rates with proven efficiency. Just give our office a call if you have any questions and a team member will be happy to assist you.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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