Responsive Web Design | How to Make the Most Out of Your Website

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If you have ever found yourself having a difficult experience navigating and reading on a web page, you understand the importance of a responsive web design. Simply put, your web page needs to be the simplest part of your audience’s buyer’s journey. It is difficult enough to attract visitors to your page. Once you do, you need to keep their interests.  It is not enough to make your web page easy to read on a desktop. To ensure your website offers an experience tailored to all audiences consider why responsive web design is important as a mobile solution. When you are working with a website with responsive design, your audience will be able to make the most out of your information.


why do i need a responsive web design

What is Responsive Web Design?

The amount platforms, networks, and devices your website need to work with is growing at an exponential rate. If your business is not taking the time to keep up with these changes, you will soon find yourself falling behind the curve. Responsive web design allows your website to be viewed on any of the platforms, without requiring a mobile app version. This means your website has a fluid and flexible layout that can be adjusted according to a screen size.

The Benefits

User Experience

Above all else, a responsive web design will improve the experience of viewing your web page. Having a consistent format your audience can trust to return to will help build brand loyalty, and drive up sales. Understandably, when you take into consideration what information is presented on your website you need to consider how this will work on other platforms. Too many words on a page will make mobile reading and sharing more difficult, defeating the purpose of your online presence. Refining the content, you include will help tailor your web page for the audience you are looking for.

Google Ranks

The ability to turn a visitor into a customer should be the purpose of your online strategy. When your business can deliver a consistent experience, Google takes notice. Because Google prioritizes a site’s mobile viewing experience into the factors in its SEO algorithm, responsive design isn’t a choice—it’s essential if you want your site to be visible in search results. According to Google, a quality responsive web design includes a handful components. Your web page needs text to be readable without zoom, properly size content with no need for horizontal scrolling, and reasonable load times. Also, your links must be properly spaced out, and require no flash. With the boom of mobile devices, Google wants to be sure your business’ web page is keeping up.

why do i need responsive web design

Your business wants to make your audiences web page experience as simple as possible. A responsive web design is the best way to make the most out of your businesses website. While creating and maintaining a responsive web design may seem overwhelming, do not worry! Digital Resource is a full-service internet marketing agency, offering custom website design and development. We can help you create a responsive web design and ensure you’re making the most out of your online presence. Contact us today for a free web page analysis!

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