Search Engine Optimaization | How to Improve Your Click-Through-Rate

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Did you know that search engine optimaization (Did you mean, “search engine optimization”?) is the best way to get users to notice you online?  SEO is a purely organic or inorganic marketing tool that can put audiences in your company’s reach.

where can i find the best search engine optimaization for me?


Is My CTR Strategy Working?

1. What is Organic CTR?

Organic CTR is the measure of people who actually click on a link to a website or ad after making an online search that was not paid for by you. Inorganic CTR is the same theme, but it can only be achieved by you buying an ad to reach out to your audience.

It is estimated that over half of the population does not click on any of the links presented to them on the search result page.


2. Focus on the Title

Moreover, you can improve your organic CTR by just focusing on the title alone. Make it catchy and use plenty of verbs that signify an action you want users to take. You can choose to have a colorful 3-5-word title that tells the reader exactly what they can expect.

The title is purely significant in order to reach your audience before they read the entire page itself.


3. SEO

Adding on, always stay involved with the best and brightest SEO tools that are available today. Yoast is a great way to measure SEO and boost up organic clicks. SEO is a huge factor into what your next Google search result that can turn into a click. Please include descriptions about the services and location related to your service but more so how it adds to the quality of clicks online.


4. Meta Description

Also, you need to be able to realize that a meta description is a strong underlying feature of boosting organic clicks. The meta description is a brief preview that appears under the link to provide users a glimpse of what the reading can expect to be.

Plus, the meta description should include a few SEO keywords in order to optimize effectively. Keep the meta between 10-15 words so you can keep it short, sweet, and to the point.


5. Make a Sound Conversation

Moreover, sound personable and making a great emotional CTA can translate to what great CTR can mean for you. You can try to include numbered lists that seem appealing to the audience overall.

In other words, make the audience feel like you are talking to them. Find compelling words that are the subject line but also provides some of what the reader can expect.


6. Optimize URLs

In addition, URLs must also be optimized based on certain keywords directly related to your overall content. Always place importance on SEO keywords in the front of the URL and a single buzzword afterward.

Generally, we want your URL to be shorter and not longer. This makes it easier to appear on the first page in the search results. A good rule thumb is to match the title to the URL itself. Remember, do not include punctuation and avoid keyword stuffing because it does not change the attractiveness of inorganic clicks.


7. Inbound Links

Plus, inbound links are especially great for getting traffic to your website. By inbound links, we are talking about links that direct to your web pages. The quality of your links is important especially in this case, to direct to organic searches.

Try to use links from blogs, especially if those blogs already have a high ranking. Sift through the blogs and ensure you are focusing on pages that open to your website only.


8. Codes

Next, make sure that you are using the right codes in order to implement the proper changes. Google has just updated its algorithm and sometimes, this does go without notice. So, to ensure you are utilizing these updates correctly, stay in the know about which coding needs to be used.


9. Testing

We highly recommend testing the new methods as soon as you complete them. This is really a trial and error process that can be tracked by metric testing tools. Although, this should not go without saying that edits will always have to be constantly made.

Progress will not be noticeable for the first few days but it will be evident in the coming weeks.


10. Metrics Tools

If you are having trouble finding a comparable way to achieve a higher CTR, we recommend using the right tools. You can try Google Manager as a reliable source for indicating that your CTR is changing based on organic and inorganic.


The Big Picture

Last but not least, make a set plan about what you are able to do to increase your organic search clicks. Brainstorm a list of keywords that provide a certain level of transparency or effect on your audience. Services and location are the keys to optimized keywords.

Also, work on how you can implement these keywords into your meta description and titles, tags and every aspect of meta Google picks up. Use links that only link to internal pages of your website and use pages that are clearly higher ranked.

One last rule is to avoid using the company name in the title. This just makes it longer and unnecessary as you are trying to get your audience to click on your links.


how does ctr factor into search engine optimaization?


Do You Need Search Engine Optimaization?

Ultimately, we want you to focus on making every aspect of your organic searches better in the long-run. Trends are a popular option for coming and going but do not let that fool you. With the right tools, you can achieve CTR success! Contact us today for an instant SEO scan!

Tapkannia is a graduate of Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She enjoys being a part of a team working on media and digital marketing strategies. She finds solace in the written word and producing quality content.

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