Search Engine Optimization | Google’s New Feature May Help You Rank

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Getting your keywords searched and your website clicked on is the start of quality conversions. And, Google’s new related search feature just may assist your company in getting more leads. By making it easier to search other, related topics, users are coming in contact with more search possibilities, giving your search engine optimization more potential. Read to learn more:

What Is Google’s New Feature?

In the past, you needed to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a Google search result page to see the “Searches Related” feature. This gave you multiple suggestions on possibly relevant topics. However, Google has moved this section. While it still lingers at the bottom of the page, you’ll also find it popping up under the first search listing – or even the third! This is giving other keywords and phrases the opportunity to be found and can lead to more relevant search results.

why does my business need search engine optimization

How Will This Update Affect My Business?

Because the feature is so new, and Google was very quiet about its release, we’re not completely sure on how this will impact business rankings. However, it will streamline searches for the featured keywords and phrases. So, if you do a little market research to see which keywords searches are suggested for your products and services, you may end up getting a couple click-through referrals. Either way, seeing what may or may not work for your business only gives you more knowledge of how your demographic searches. And that information is always valuable.

Why Does My Business Need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is great for getting fresh leads online. With over 80% of consumers going online to find reputable businesses, your company needs a strong online presence. This all starts with a website and ranking well in search engine results. If your business is the first website to pop up in a Google search, then more people are likely to click on it. That’s a whole lot of potential. And, to get there, you need to have an SEO strategy – starting with keywords.

what are the benefits of having a search engine optimization for business

Is Your Business in Need of Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re looking to capitalize on your online listing, you’re in need of search engine optimization. Start getting your business found online by requesting a free internet marketing analysis today!

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