SEO Analysis of Site | Why You Need to Engage in Keyword Research

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As a small business, it is important that you are optimizing your website for your target audience. That’s why keywords are crucial for website visibility. Let’s take a look at how to enhance your SEO analysis of site!

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Types of Research:

1. Arena States

For starters, you need to choose keywords that are related to your company’s product, service and location. As such, arena states are keywords that fit a broad category or “arena”. For example, if your company sells makeup products try to categorize by the application. You may categorize blush and foundation in a “Face” category and lipstick in a “lip” category.

In addition, broad categories help create keywords that include both the category and the product itself. This is because SEO picks up on commonly searched terms on search engines. In fact, you may use “LA blush” as a keyword—LA being the category and blush being the product.


2. Edge States

Furthermore, edge states are keywords that are not yet industry standard. As a result, these can be keywords or phrases that will uniquely position your company high on search engines. Therefore, you should also do keyword research that is tailored to your company’s goals. Use words or long-tail keywords that are the opposite of the industry standard.

Lastly, you may not see the results now, but it will saturate your company’s SEO authority in the future. With the wonders of pre-research, you will discover new insight into your audience.

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Are You Looking for Reliable SEO Analysis of Site?

All in all, doing your own keyword research will significantly help you with SEO. Try to incorporate popular keywords but also add your own flair to set you apart from the competition. Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation!

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