SEO Analysis of Site | Top 3 Tips for Link Reclamation

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Link reclamation involves potential customers to find your company without directly leading to your website. This is an SEO technique that allows you to track your brand mentions and increase SEO by creating links accordingly. Keep reading for more tips about how you can increase your SEO analysis of site!

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How Link Reclamation Works:

1. Monitor Mentions

For starters, begin the link reclamation process by monitoring mentions of your brand. There are plenty of online tools that can track the frequency of “unlinked” mentions and notify you immediately. These mentions are monitored by the system with a few keywords related to your company. It is recommended to use as many keywords that relate to your brand so that it won’t be alerting you on generic term usage.


2. Check Links

In addition, you need to be able to check links manually to your website. As soon as you have been notified, use keyboard shortcuts to search for your name directly on the page. Sometimes, the link will appear based on an extensive keyword search related to your site. If your name shows up without a link, then you need to reclaim this link as yours.


3. Reach Out

Lastly, we recommend getting in touch with the website owner or author. Reclaiming link involves a tedious process, but it is important that you are upping your SEO for your website. Make sure to gather all of their contact information and contact them as soon as possible.

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Do You Need an SEO Analysis of Site?

All in all, link reclamation is important because it adds to your off-page SEO. With a saturation of links directed to your website, you can expect your company to be in the top search results. Visit us today to get started!

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