SEO Blogs | 5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Your Content Strategy

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You can take your business to new heights by using the right SEO tools for your blogs. Blogs are a great way to provide more insight into your company’s services. When writing SEO Blogs, make sure that you are not making the following mistakes.

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Do Not Make These Mistakes:

1. Focusing on On-Site SEO

In the first place, do not just optimize your page for on-site SEO. This type of SEO is picked up by search engines from content written directly on your website. However, we recommend using off-site SEO as well. Off-site SEO incorporates using backlinks to your website from a site that is not yours. This helps build domain authority and your SEO rankings.


2. Overlooking Titles

Moreover, the title of the blog itself is very important for SEO. A title should be composed of your keyword and the intended title directly after. Plus, always use a straight bar symbol (|) to indicate the difference between the keyword and the title.


3. Not Using Yoast

Adding on, you can take SEO an extra step by using the “Yoast” plugin. Yoast is an SEO feature that you can download and use to measure good or bad SEO. It considers your SEO title, slug, meta description, and key phrase. Green lights indicate good SEO and red lights indicate bad SEO.


4. Keyword Stuffing

Also, do not overstuff your content with keywords. You may think it helps your SEO campaign, but it actually hurts it. Stick to keyword frequency for 2-3 times throughout your blog. Otherwise, your readers will get confused and make it seem unnatural for reading.


5. Not Researching

Lastly, always do your research when using keywords. These words should be related to products, services, and location. Each word should be optimized to include your location and neighboring regions where users can find your business!

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Are You Looking for Reliable SEO Blogs?

All in all, you need to incorporate SEO in your blogs to gain visibility. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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