SEO in Boston | Why Do Google Algorithm Updates Matter?

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In order to be successful, businesses must receive the best possible share of Google searches directed to their websites. The more successful a business is with its online presence, the higher it is ranked by Google. Therefore, if businesses tailor their online presence to meet the Google algorithm criteria, they will be rewarded with more online traffic. However, updates to Google algorithms make it so that SEO in Boston doesn’t come easy. Read on to see what algorithm updates have done in the past and how their changes have impacted online businesses.

6 Google Updates and What They Have Done for SEO

Panda – The Google Panda algorithm was designed to penalize low-quality websites that lack worthwhile content. To be optimized for Panda, businesses need to ensure that articles and content are original and contribute actual value.

What does the Gogle Panda algorithm mean for SEO in Boston?

Penguin – Google Penguin targets websites that have used deceitful SEO practices to gain high search rankings that are unjustified. It penalizes the ranking of websites that are spammy, keyword-stuffed, chalk full of dubious links, or are “over-optimized.”

Pirate – This filter is designed to prevent sites with copyright infringement reports from ranking well in Google’s listings.

Top Heavy – This update targets sites that are “top heavy” with advertising and penalizes their rankings.

Payday – This algorithm focuses on cleaning up search results for heavily spammed search terms, such as payday loans, insurance, and other heavily spammed queries.

Hummingbird – The Hummingbird algorithm looks at search meanings instead of individual words. It makes it so that pages matching the meaning of the search will do better than pages matching just a few words.

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What does the Google Penguin update do for SEO in Boston?

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