SEO in Nashville | Look out for SEO Trends Taking over 2018

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The days of keyword placement and backlink success for SEO in Nashville are long gone. The more information Google gathers about us, the more accurate and personalized search results get. The SEO’s job today is more than metadata optimization and even more than content. It’s about the user experience and delivering the right information at the right time. A lot has happened for SEO in 2017, but the predicted trends happening this year will be crucial for you to implement into your SEO in Nashville strategy.

what can i trends can i expect to see for seo in nashville?

Voice Search is On the Rise

According to Google, 1 out of 5 searches come from voice queries. If you don’t have a smart speaker, you probably know a few people who do. Voice-activated smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are on the rise. As the accuracy of voice assistants continues to improve, we’ll see more and more people utilizing voice search for timely search inquiries. That is why optimizing your SEO strategy for voice search today is crucial. Furthermore, this means more focus on long-tail keywords used in everyday language.


Video and Image Search Has Improved

Slowly but surely, our online interactions have evolved to become more visual. Over the past few years, as the internet has become more visually focused, there is great opportunity to explore the power of visual search.  Accordingly, Google and other search engines will most likely make some changes on how they treat images and videos on the world wide web. They have already invested in developing powerful visual search engines to capitalize on this new trend. The SEO in Nashville strategy needs to consider the way we consume visual content and how search engines now go beyond text to explore the changing habits of search. As the competition continues to increase, more companies have been acknowledging the potential of a successful visual search. Beyond that, brands need to focus even more on optimizing their visual content for SEO in Nashville.


Mobile Optimization for SEO in Nashville

This is likely to be the year that brands and companies realize the potential of putting mobile first. As mobile searches are all about context, brands should provide the best possible results for every question. Mobile users will search for more content while they are on the go, which means that brands will face a big opportunity of marketing their business at a local context. By facilitating the search experience through personalized and relevant answers, mobile optimization can provide an excellent way to create a successful strategy for SEO in Nashville.


Focus on User Experience

User expectations and demands for search results are growing across the board. In this day in age, users want instant solutions to all of their problems no matter what device they’re searching on. A good user experience from an SEO perspective is more can benefit you more than the speed of your site. If they can’t figure out how to navigate your site in a matter of seconds, they’ll leave. Google has made it very clear that a seamless user experience is part of their ranking system. That same experience must be adapted for both mobile and desktop to ensure a smooth path to the answer on all devices.

what does the future look like for seo in nashville?

The new year will certainly bring some changes to the SEO in Nashville industry. For guidance to improve your website’s SEO in a way that future-proof, our team of experts is happy to discuss your options. Contact us today for a FREE internet marketing analysis.

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