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Creating a successful small business requires a savvy use of available resources. It also requires you to make the most out of current technologies. Modern small businesses who want to stand out from the pack must use digital marketing to raise awareness. A large percentage of customers conduct research online before making a purchase. With that being said, you want to make sure your company can be easily found when they do. Almost all online research begins by using a search engine—in most cases, Google. However, more than half of all clicks on Google go to the first three results displayed. If you want to make sure your company’s website is selected, you need to be using SEO in New York City. What is SEO? Well, it’s the process of using keywords and other “crawlable” content to boost a website’s rankings on Google and other prominent search engines.

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Is Keyword Placement Important to SEO in New York City?

SEO is more complicated than just plugging keywords into the text on your website. Even if you have the resources to analyze your customer base and choose keywords that they are likely to use, you need to make sure you properly incorporate those terms. If your site contains a lot of keywords without any valuable content around them, you probably won’t make it to the top of the rankings. If you’re just inserting keywords randomly into content and it doesn’t sound natural, search engines will pick up on it. As a matter of fact, search engines have algorithms in place that are designed to pick out pages that overuse keywords without valuable content. The algorithms then downgrade the websites in the rankings.

What Are External and Internal Links?

In order to have a strong SEO strategy for your website, you’ll need to understand the difference between internal and external links. Using relevant internal and external links on your site will ultimately improve the visibility and rank of your website. An internal link is a hyperlink that directs the reader to another page on your website. Furthermore, an external link is a hyperlink that directs the reader to a reputable page on a different website. External links might sound counter-intuitive. However, linking to trustworthy material helps you come across as an authority. It can also help Google figure out what your content is about, for SEO in New York City purposes. You will boost traffic to your site and improve your site’s rank on the search engine’s results page.

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Include Social Media Elements

It’s important to add social media buttons/icons linked to your social media account on each of your web pages. This will also help boost search engine rankings and attribute company’s trustability. By making your website friendly to SEO in New York City, you can improve your company’s visibility. Search engines respect social networks, just like your potential customer does.

Try out these simple yet effective techniques and watch your small business grow. SEO in New York City has a lot of components to it, but with the right approach, it really works. If you are still a little uncertain about SEO in New York City, our experts at Digital Resource are happy to assist. Contact us today for a free internet marketing analysis!

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