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  • October 27, 2017
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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing tool focused on growing the visibility of your website in an organic, non-paid way, in search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to drive traffic, improve rankings, and increase awareness in search engines. Let’s take a deeper look at what SEO marketing is and how SEO in Orlando can help your business.

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

While social media has become significantly more popular and important over the years, the majority of web traffic is still driven by major search engines such as Google. Search engines provide targeted traffic, meaning they show you the websites that fit your search needs. If a search engine can’t “find” your website, they can’t send it to someone searching for your product or business.

Why Is SEO So Important to Search Engines?

Search engines are incredibly smart, but there is still a limit to how they can operate. While the right SEO can increase the number of your visits significantly, the wrong SEO can basically bury your website deep in the depths of a search result. SEO also helps boost rankings so that content will be placed where searchers will find it easier.

Where can I find information about seo in Orlando?

Is There a Difference Between SEO and Internet Marketing?

SEO is a tool used when it comes to internet marketing. While by definition it is not internet marketing, it is an integral part of the internet marketing process. Since SEO helps search engines find your website when someone is doing an internet search it is vital to the entire internet marketing process.

How Do I Make My Website SEO Friendly?

The structure of the website must be user-friendly. You want to help people going to your website to be able to find the information they want in the fastest way possible. You also want to make it easy for search engines to read. You want the search engine to understand what the website is all about and to convince it that it’s a high-quality site and it should rank highly in their index.

It is also important that the search engines deem the content you are creating on your website valuable and credible. You could do everything right from strictly an SEO standpoint, but it will all be canceled out by bad content. The more time a search engine sees that content on your website is being linked on another website, the more credible it will consider it.

What is seo in Orlando?

Can I Do SEO Myself?

The world of SEO is complex and can actually be detrimental if not done properly. While good SEO can lead to an influx of website traffic, bad SEO can bury your website and basically make it un-findable to search engines. For this reason, it is important to use an SEO specialist.

Are You Looking for SEO in Orlando?

When looking for an SEO specialist, look no further than us at Digital Resource. We can help optimize your website so that it is more recognizable to search engines. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your SEO in Orlando needs.

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