SEO in Orlando | How is Social Media Changing SEO?

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Being seen by the right audience is hardly a new goal for businesses and their marketing efforts. Although, things have certainly changed since the days of the Yellow Pages and online directories. Growing organic search traffic online should be a top priority for any business. Additionally, as consumers turn to social media for quicker answers, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies for better SEO in Orlando.

How Is Social Media Affecting Online Searching?

What does social searching mean for SEO in Orlando?

Social content consumption is consistently rising. In the past two years, content consumption on Facebook has increased by 57%. Meanwhile, content consumption has gone up by 25% on Twitter and by 21% on LinkedIn. What’s more social searching has become a game-changer. Google and Facebook are starting to compete for the number of searches performed on each per day. While there are 3 billion searches done via Google per day, Facebook isn’t out of its league. The social media giant packs a whopping 2 billion searches per day of its own.

As consumers seek out content in different places, businesses will have to shift their content marketing efforts to uncharted territory. This means there is a need for optimizing content distribution beyond your company website or blog.

In order to keep up with the dichotomy between SEO in Orlando and social media, it is best to get a team of professionals to manage your content. That way, you can rest assured you are bringing in as much business as possible. As social media platforms rise and fall and new trends take shape, you’ll know that your SEO is still working for you.

How has social media changed SEO in Orlando?

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