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Investing in an SEO strategy grants your business online visibility. You need to focus on an SEO package that boosts visibility as well as brand awareness. Google is the world’s largest search platform that you should use to your advantage. Keep reading to learn more about simple SEO tricks to enhance your strategy!

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Google Search Categories Include:

1. Do

In the first place, a “do” search query focuses on a specific action related to a product or service. For instance, actions include buying a product or scheduling an appointment. Therefore, you should incorporate keywords that are related to such actions within the scope of your SEO campaign.

In fact, try to incorporate “Make an Appointment” or “Buy Now” phrases throughout website pages like CTAs. As such, you will be optimizing your website for “do” related queries.


2. Know

Moreover, “know” queries are indicative of information seekers. These individuals are looking for the latest information about a particular product. You should include keywords that are related to “know” search queries.

For instance, try to include “benefits” and “list of” as keywords. Essentially, these words are related to searches that a “know” shopper is searching for in Google.


3. Go

Furthermore, “go” search queries are based on users who are wanting information about your location. This can entail visiting your brick-and-mortar business or upcoming events. As a result, you should be able to include SEO keywords that accurately depicts your address, phone number, and the name of your business. Therefore, always optimize your SEO strategy for “go” search queries, so users can easily find your location.

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Are You Looking for a Reliable SEO Package?

Lastly, you need to create a good SEO strategy that incorporates three categories of search queries. In effect, you will be able to optimize your campaign targeting keywords for each category. Contact us today for an instant SEO scan!

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