SEO Ranking | How You’re Hurting Your Own SEO Rank

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If your business is devoting time and money to a high SEO ranking, it is important to consider what can harm your reputation. While some things may only hurt your ranking a small amount, serious violations of Googles rules can be detrimental to your online presence forever. Search engine optimization is a method of increasing the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement on the search results page. However, there are many things you can be doing to negatively impact your SEO ranking. To ensure your business remains high ranking to Google, it’s important to consider if you’re making any of these mistakes.


How You’re Hurting Your Own SEO Rank

Content Issues

It is difficult enough to get users to visit your web page. It is your job to keep their attention when they arrive. When users find your web page, they are hoping to find the information they are searching for and if they don’t, they will quickly be on to another website. Quality content will be rewarded, and thin content will be penalized. Content on your site is considered thin if it presents surface level information that can be found on multiple sites.

As well, duplicating your content to fill space and stuff keywords will harm your SEO ranking.  This means searchers might run into the same answers in a results page when they click different links – making for a poor user experience. You can’t expect to have a high rank if you are not offering any unique value to readers on your site. Aim to create quality content your audience wants to find.

Linking Issues

Google takes notice if you take the time to build links to other web pages, and will reward you for doing so. However, if you are doing so dishonestly you are not doing yourself any favors. Linking is an integral part of content creation but the wrong linking may mean that your content never gets ranked. Buying links, participating in large-scale link schemes or linking with poor sources will cause your page to rank lower. Google aims to keep SERPs as fair for everyone as possible, any doesn’t tolerate any sneaky practices. The Penguin algorithm was created to be sure the top searches are there because they have earned their links.


SEO Ranking Penalizations for Improper Format

One of the most easily overlooked aspects to your SEO ranking is how well your website is formatted. If your website is difficult to navigate and search, how can you expect your audience to enjoy finding you? Aspects such as low word count, missing H1 & H2 titles, and low text to HTML ratios can easily be rectified. Your SEO rank depends on how useful your website is. So if you have a slow page speed, you can also expect your ranking to suffer. The longer content takes to load, the less likely people are to stick around to read it. Google doesn’t want to force users to wait for the information they’re searched for, thus prioritizing pages that load quickly.

how you are hurting your seo ranking


The internet is larger than ever before. Fortunately, to keep it fair we can trust search engine results pages to give us the most relevant content first. To claim this valuable real estate for your business, you need to create worthwhile content. You need to establish yourself as an authority to trust and work on maintaining your ranking through good practices. A dedicated team is a great asset when building and maintaining your SEO ranking. Contact our full-service internet marketing agency today to learn how we can improve your ranking!

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