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Web design can be one of the trickiest parts of building a brand and business online. We are here to help you get a leg up on the competition with these helpful tips.

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Page Flow

Keep your look consistent.

When it comes to designing the internal pages past your home page, ideally you want them to flow well so that going between pages does not cause the reader to lose their attention. If the differences between pages are too jarring, they can upset the reader’s attention and lose credibility with your site. Be sure to retain the same look and feel and make your pages consistent if you wish to add perceived value.



Strategize for search sites.

Keeping your text and pages in general optimized for keywords and targeting will greatly improve your reach and ROI on ads and more. Pages like Facebook and Google use this information like metadata and keywords to determine the placement for your ads and content in related searches. Keeping this information up to date and fresh every now and then is essential to good SEO.


Aesthetic Appeal

Good looks can go a long way.

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of building a website for those who are not trained is putting together an exciting and engaging look for their pages. Making your site seem modern and well put together will establish a sense of value and credibility for your online presence that will be effective at retaining the attention of readers and first-time visitors.

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Do You Need SEO Reporting?

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