SEO Reporting | Top 4 Tips to Structure Your Report

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Every month, your company should compile an SEO report. This report shows your company’s progress from month to month and how you can improve your digital marketing campaign.  Let’s take a look at an SEO reporting structure that you need to follow.

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0What Should My Layout Look Like?

1. Traffic

In the first place, your report should follow a layout that includes pages dedicated to website traffic. All web traffic reported needs to be organic and not inorganic. This is because your SEO is defined by organic searches and organic traffic only. Do not include inorganic traffic such as pay-per-click ads that you actually paid for the traffic in result.


2. Comparisons

In addition, always include a month-to-month comparison. This means that this section should compare the previous month’s results in accordance with this month. You should be able to see major or subtle changes in your campaign’s progress.


3. Conversions

Moreover, your report needs to reflect the number of conversions you’ve been able to generate. Make sure that your numbers are authentic as you report this data. Also, you can section off your conversions based on demographics such as age, region, gender, and more.


4. Recommendations

Lastly, include recommendations toward your ending pages. After compiling the latter data, take a look at each aspect and brainstorm how you can fine-tune your results. Sit down and analyze the data and look for which campaigns you’ve improved on and which ones you didn’t. Take the initiative to test new strategies and how you can achieve success on next month’s report.


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All in all, SEO reports are essential to any digital marketing campaign. Ensure that you are making strides on your path to surpass expectations. Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation!

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