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We know how important it is to get ahead of your SEO reporting tactics. This is a great way to detail the current strategies you are using and making the appropriate changes to your new strategy. You need to use the best reporting tools to provide you with the most accurate performance of your company’s campaign. Let’s learn more to get started!

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Types of Tools:

1. Accurate Data

For starters, it is essential that you are taking advantage of accurate data for SEO reporting. Data is a large part of what reporting entails, and you need a reporting tool that relays accurate and current data to your location.

In particular, pay attention to reporting SEO based on similar companies like yourself. You should only report SEO based on your competitors in your region.


2. Third-Party Integration

Moreover, see if you are given access to third-party tools when compiling your report. For example, you can integrate data from Google Analytics or Google My Business into your report, since it collects the necessary data that measures your SEO.


3. Sizing and Scaling

In addition, your reporting tool should be able to handle the number of clients you have. So, if you only have 1 versus 100 clients—a good reporting system will not fail on you.


4. Strong Features

Furthermore, your SEO reporting tool should come with an array of features to support your company’s campaign.

These include the following but are not limited to:

  • Competitor data
  • Analytics
  • Backlink monitoring

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Do You Need SEO Reporting Near You?

Last but not least, your tools are essential to getting you the best SEO report today. Try opting for a data-driven approach that optimizes your location as well as where you sit amongst your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our instant SEO scan!

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