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When building or maintaining your online presence it can be confusing as to how search engine optimization works. In the process of search engine optimization, there are common SEO mistakes made that can have a large impact on your business. Finding the right SEO services Fort Lauderdale can keep your business from making these mistakes by hiring a professional SEO company. Keep reading to learn 11 most common SEO mistakes!

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11 Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Slow Website Loading and Response Time

A slow website will only deter your customers from clicking around your website. The average load time for a website should be under 3 seconds.

  1. Poorly Designed Landing Page

This page is the first thing visitors see when they click the link to come to your website. Make a positive impression by updating your landing page with quality images and text.

  1. Not Optimized for Mobile

Most website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices or you could lose out on potential customers.

  1. Cluttered Home Page

Don’t overwhelm your customers when they first get to your website. Create short compelling copy and add visually stunning images to your homepage.

  1. Not Having a Site Map

A site map is a document used as a planning tool for web design that lists pages on a website. Creating a site map helps to list out what pages are necessary and where duplicate content can be deleted.

  1. Poor Browser Compatibility

Your website visitors are coming from different platforms such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. It is important to make sure your website loads properly on these different browsers.

  1. Not Optimizing for Local Search

This would involve identifying local search terms then implementing them into your website copy so that you rank on those terms in search engines.

  1. No Social Media Presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are factored into the SEO formula so it is important to be active on these platforms.

  1. Missing or Unclear Call to Action

When people are on your website remember to tell them what you want them to do so your website is informative for visitors. For example, the call to action could be: visit this page, click here, or buy this product here.

  1. Outdated Content

It is important to regularly update your website so that Google knows you haven’t closed your business. To remain at the top of the results you need to add new content and update old content to your website regularly.

  1. Unfocused Content

Make sure the content on your website directly pertains to your business so that you have a common theme around your website. It should be clear to people right away what your business is about.

What is the best SEO services Fort Lauderdale company?

What’s Next for SEO Services Fort Lauderdale?

SEO is a time-consuming task and it is beneficial to outsource your small businesses SEO to a professional and reputable company. Ranking high on Google is an important element when trying to grow a business and gain clients. Digital Resource is a professional SEO services Fort Lauderdale company that works with many businesses. Request a free internet marketing analysis today to begin your SEO journey!

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