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Small and independent local businesses can have difficulty driving customer exposure and getting a good reputation around town. Because live chat is instant, people from around your business are able to interact with your team at a moment’s notice, asking questions and solving problems. Here are a few ways you might not have considered when looking into getting live chat and SEO services for your new local business.

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Get your brand name out around town.

For any small or new local business, exposure is one of the most important aspects of building a customer base and getting noticed by the local community. Live chat will help you to connect with potential local customers or clients and help you to build a positive relationship with the people who live near your business. This is a crucial step in operating any new local business, as the first impression you have with the community will make a large impact on whether or not the community sees your business in a positive light.


Having a positive image in the eyes of the local community will go a long way in having influence if their local governing process, making it easier to apply for grants and other public assistance funds. This will make it even easier to have a lasting impact on the community and have a more trusted and established local business. Establishing connections is a great way to expand your customer base and increase your rate of repeat customers and to increase your exposure.



Know where to improve and expand.

Getting feedback on your products and services is crucial to development and problem-solving. Live chat is a great took for feedback because it is instant and can be responded to, meaning you can have an idea of common issues and solutions to flaws in your product or service. This means you can receive public opinion instantly and on your site, leaving review sites out of the picture. This will allow you greater control over your public image, as customers will be able to take their concerns straight to you and your website as opposed to a third party such as Google reviews or yelp for example.


Feedback is incredibly important because it allows you to correct mistakes and keep customers happy. Live chat allows you to do this instantly compared to an email-based process that can take several days to go through leaving customers frustrated and with a more negative opinion on their experience with your company. Live chat remains one of the best ways to instantly connect with customers and solve problems in real time. This is especially important for businesses where the level of service can vary, as a cleaning company for example. Customers can send photos and ask questions or give praise to your team.

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Solve problems instantly in real time.

Because live Chat provides you with instant communication with your visitors and customers. This means you can take troubleshooting questions instantly and get problems solved much faster. Traditionally troubleshooting questions are handled over email and can take several days to respond to. Thus making the process of problem-solving much more tedious and frustrating for customers. The whole point of troubleshooting is to handle the situation well and quickly so that those affected become repeat customers. By carrying these operations out over live chat, they can be dealt with instantly. Thus leaving affected customers much happier and much more likely to return as a customer and place trust in your operation.


While many issues can be complex in nature, it is still best to meet the customers’ expectations and offer help at a moment’s notice. This will help alleviate the customer service portion of your business, allowing you to spend more time and money on more profitable parts of your business, as you won’t need a dedicated staff for troubleshooting issues with your product or service. This way you can save time from having to deal with frustrated and even angry customers, so you can concentrate on what matters.


Perceived Value

Gain the trust of the local community.

One of the most important aspects of running any new small business is the ability to create a perceived value in your brand and product or service. This means giving visitors the idea that your brand and company are much more established than they really are. People, in general are more likely to trust a business that has been in operation for a long time. By creating this perceived value, more visitors will place trust in your business, thus helping to expand your customer base. This can be a huge boost for any new business that is just starting out, as it will help you to build your customer base and get the word out around town that you have a reliable and trustworthy operation.


Influencing public opinion is vital for any new local business, and live chat is one of the best ways to interact with local potential customers. Many customers are hesitant to send emails because they take days to respond to and can be frustrating to deal with, as they can go to the wrong address or into a spam folder, which can hurt your customer interactions. Live chat is instant and works in real time with someone standing by ready to help. This will allow customers to place trust in your company.


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