Shopping on Instagram | How Can It Benefit My Small Business?

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Late last year, Instagram was testing their new shoppable feature. Well, the testing phase is over. It officially launched in late March. As of now, this feature can only be used for businesses that sell apparel, jewelry, or beauty products. That will change as the feature becomes more common place. If your business falls into this category, you should be implementing the new feature immediately. If your business is not in this category, you should be preparing for the feature to be available to you soon! Keep reading to learn why shopping on Instagram is the future of e-commerce.

How should my business implement shopping on Instagram?

Why It’s Needed?

As Instagram has evolved, it has become a major player in consumer culture. Instagram is a great platform for users to discover new products, but it can be difficult to convert those leads to sales the way the app was set up. According to a study run by Instagram, 60% of the apps users say they learn about products and services. 75% of Instagram users say they take actions like visiting websites after being influenced by an Instagram post. Instagram users have been limited by their use of links within updates and on their profile pages up until recently. The introduction of shopping on Instagram has the aim to make the user experience much smoother.

How Will It Work?

The shopping part of Instagram will be cleverly integrated by adding a small “tap to view products” button in the bottom left corner. This keeps the Instagram feed from looking cluttered while still notifying users that the post is easily shoppable. Once you tap the button it will bring up a tag for each item and its price in the photograph. Users can then tap the tag the wish to view and a new window within the app will open up to a detailed description of the product. If the user wants to make a purchase they can tap the “shop now” button and be directed to the website. This allows for users to easily make purchases without leaving the app.

What Are the Business Opportunities?

The main advantage of adding this feature to Instagram is to make a much faster shopping experience for consumers. Integrating all of these steps without even leaving the Instagram app is a major selling feature for many businesses. The other biggest opportunity is that Instagram doesn’t plan to take a cut from the transaction that takes place through the app. This is a great way for a business to boost their revenue and reach all in one highly trafficked app. Businesses that integrate this feature into their advertising efforts will also have access to statistics. Such as, how many people tapped to view their products and to what stage. This is also a free feature because Instagram wants businesses to be able to create content that consumers want.

how can my small business benefit from shopping on Instagram?

How Do I Start with Shopping on Instagram?

This new feature allows for your business to create stronger connections with its customers. If this new feature is daunting, don’t worry we can assist you with your Instagram efforts. Contact Digital Resource today to learn how shopping on Instagram can benefit your business!

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