Should My Business be on YouTube?

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We’ve talked about social media marketing in previous blogs, the importance of it for your business and how you can use it to grow your business. It’s been established that consumers are online and that it would benefit your business immensely to have the greatest and largest online presence possible. This blog will help you increase your digital storefront through a channel we haven’t gone into too much detail on yet: YouTube.

Wait, What’s YouTube?

There probably aren’t too many of you asking this question, but just to make sure we have all the basis covered, YouTube is a video consumption platform essentially. Free to upload and free to watch, there is an incredibly large audience that takes advantage of YouTube to learn about different topics and subjects. Actually, it may surprise you to find out that YouTube is the second largest search engine, right behind Google. You may have been thinking Yahoo or Bing, but no, YouTube is the second most popular website consumers go to search for information. It gets over 6 billion hours viewed per month, with projections only increasing over time. There are over 4 billion videos are viewed every day and 800 million unique visitors to YouTube monthly! Do you need more statistics to prove how huge YouTube is?

Can YouTube help my business grow?

Not to mention, YouTube plays a huge role in SEO! YouTube videos are appearing in the top Google rankings, which shows that text only pages are not as effective as the pages that are incorporating videos. You can even optimize your videos on YouTube to be found in searches! 90% of online shoppers said they find videos helpful in making purchasing decisions, so having your video coming up in the top Google rankings will bring you business!

So What Should I Do On YouTube?

Maybe you haven’t thought of videos as a way of content creation or maybe you feel like your business doesn’t fit into the video content angle, but on either account that’s not true! Not all the videos on YouTube are professionally shot and edited productions, so the viewers will be extremely forgiving. What does that mean? That it doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in making a video!

Can Youtube Help my business?

Take a relevant aspect of your business and with the video aim to inform, educate, entertain or all three! You can make a video about your company’s processes, about your services, how-to’s, or a fun part of your business that would be interesting to see! More and more consumers are researching product demos on YouTube before making purchases or even looking for reviews for different products.

Will YouTube Bring More Business?

Almost one-third of all the people on the internet are users on YouTube. Hundreds of hours of consumers’ time are spent watching videos and generating billions of views. Want to get in front of those consumers? Want a better chance of being found there? Give us a call today at 561-429-2585 or contact our internet marketing agency online today! We can help your business’ internet marketing presence grow, which will ultimately lead to new levels of business growth and revenue for you!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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