Show Clients the Real You Through Content Marketing

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  • 70% of marketing experts confirm that the core element of almost all campaigns is data-driven marketing.
  • According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B brands and 86% of B2C brands use content marketing.
  • 65% of businesses find it difficult to produce engaging content.

Content marketing isn’t just a mere buzzword – it holds the key to the survival of your business in today’s digital age. It’s a strategic marketing approach that has everything to do with the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable, and consistent content for the consumption of a clearly defined audience. Its goal is to drive profitable customer action.

Gone are the days when you’ll need to pitch your products and services to push your target customers to buy. With content marketing, you can pull in a receptive audience who’s ready to buy. As you help them address their task-oriented and informational needs, your business will gain their trust. Before you know it, they will recognize your unique value proposition and rely on your guidance. What’s more, you’ll be rewarded with business and loyalty.

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Don’t Get Left in the Dust, It’s Time to Utilize Content Marketing in Your Strategy  

If you think that content marketing is some form of free advertising, think again. It takes resources and people to create, publish, and promote content. Whether you’re populating your company’s website, creating a podcast or a video series, publishing blogs or talking to your favorite social media platform with regular updates, you’ll need money to get things done. However, when done right, content marketing can yield the following enormous benefits and return on your investment many times more than the cost of what you put in.

Higher Visibility in Search Engines

Did you know that ranking high in search engine results offers more staying power that far exceeds any form of advertising? Since the modern online marketplace is a total war zone, there’s nothing like seeing your brand and content appear on the first page of search engine results. Most consumers begin their journey of discovering certain products and services by using a search engine. Whether their intent is to do research for comparison or transaction, their intent to buy is high.

Furthermore, Google indexes every new piece of content you publish. In other words, having more quality pages indexed can translate into more opportunities to rank for more search queries. Plus, if you target topics and keywords that your target audience usually search for, consumers will have greater chances of seeing your brand online.

Enhances Brand Affinity

Brand affinity is the metric that allows market researchers to predict consumer behavior. When your target audience demonstrates brand affinity, they become your superfans and your most valuable customers. Even when they’re given a free choice situation, they’ll not only purchase what you sell and stick to your brand, but they’ll also tell their friends and family about how awesome your product or service is.

However, producing and selling top-quality products or services won’t be enough to accomplish this feat. When it comes to developing and sustaining brand affinity, reputation plays a critical part. Your brand needs to become a reliable voice in your industry. One of the best ways to make this happen is to produce high-quality content. As you use your content to demonstrate your values as an organization, you help drive traffic to your site and cultivate brand affinity among your audience.

Stronger Social Media Following

Are you familiar with the mechanical device called the flywheel? It’s a heavy revolving wheel is a type of machinery that’s designed to increase the machine’s momentum using significant amounts of energy. However, as soon as it gets the machine going, it can keep it that way for a very long time with very little upkeep.

When it comes to content marketing and social media, this concept holds true. The flywheel effect is when a business publishes content on their site and makes use of social media to promote it and grow its audience. For instance, the initial investment of time and effort as you try to build your social media following is comparable to the energy it takes to get a flywheel moving. Once you overcome a certain tipping point, you’ll experience a phenomenal surge in growth in your number of followers – much like the power and momentum of a flywheel that’s in motion.

As your business experiences the “Flywheel Effect”, you establish greater credibility, expand your target audience, and enjoy more opportunities to convert leads into satisfied customers. Modern internet users will share your content through social media if it helps them solve their problems or satisfy a need. As your useful and actionable content opens channels of communication through social shares and comments, you gain more followers on various social media platforms.

Dramatically Boosts Website Traffic

Consistently delivering great content will ultimately result in increased website traffic as your audience keeps coming back for more of the critical information you offer. However, this will further intensify as you utilize the right channels to diversify your content. For example, publishing relevant and valuable content on newer platforms that include Instagram and Snapchat will allow your brand to reach millennials. When you identify the platforms that can best fit your business’ needs, your overall website traffic will grow over the long term.

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