A Simple Guide to Your Google AdWords Landing Page

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Online advertising is one of the best digital marketing techniques for business. When we see an appealing advertisement for something, such as a great sales event, a new product or a tasty meal, we are inclined to act on it. Take a sales event, for example. If you were to see an ad for a sale going on in one of your favorite stores, you would go check it out. But if you arrived to discover no decent sales, you would most likely leave in search of another sales event. Think of your Google advertisement as the sales event ad and your Google AdWords landing page as the store. You can have a great ad that generates clicks, but if it leads to a landing page that doesn’t give people what they’re looking for, they won’t stick around for too long.

Your Google ad is important. It’s what sparks the attention of your audience and gets them to drop in to your “store.” But your landing page is just as important, if not more. It’s a destination that ultimately convinces your audience to convert—to buy your product or service, provide an email address, etc. Your landing page should not be your website’s homepage, nor should it be your website’s contact page. Your landing page should be a specially designed page for your specific Google ad.

Use the Following Guide to Improve Your Google AdWords Landing Page!


Your Google AdWords landing page should be optimized for users.


Be Relevant 

People use Google to find the things they’re looking for. When they type these things into the search bar, the ads that closely relate will appear in their results. But if people click these ads and don’t immediately see a connection to what they’re looking for, they will quickly click the back button.

It’s essential that your Google AdWords landing page directly reflects whatever it is you’re advertising. An effective way to do this is to have your landing page title match your ad headline. If your Google ad promises a holiday sales event, take users to a page that is specifically about your business’s holiday sales event, and make it obvious with the phrase “holiday sales event” in plain sight.

Provide Detail

In addition to the title of your landing page, the details of it must mirror what users are looking for. If you’re advertising a sales event, users will want more information. What items are on sale? What are the discounts? When does the sale end? You can give users additional information in a sub-headline or description section. Either way, providing fundamental details will keep users on your page, make them feel informed and give them more of a reason to convert.

It’s also necessary to provide some basic information about your business. Unless people are very familiar with your company, they’ll want to know what you can deliver and why they should choose you over competitors. It’s important to provide contact information so that users have someone to communicate with if they have any issues or questions. They’ll consider your business more trustworthy if they know you’re reachable.

How to make a Google AdWords landing page.

Have a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is the final step in converting your audience. If users click your ad and are convinced by your landing page, they’ll most likely be ready to convert. But if they don’t know what do next, there’s a good chance they’ll press that back button. Don’t lose customers by not being clear on what action they must take. Whether it’s a “buy now” button, a form to fill out or a phone number to call, it must be prominent to the user. Keep your call-to-action above the fold and visible.

Improve User Experience

It’s important that users have the best experience possible on your Google AdWords landing page. People are likely to abandon a webpage that takes too long to load or isn’t responsive to the device they are using. Make sure your page loads quickly and is mobile friendly. It’s also a good idea to make your page pleasing to the eye by using design elements that are consistent with your website and avoiding unnecessary clutter. Be sure to include a few high quality images and/or testimonials on your landing page as well. When people are able to see photos and/or testimonials, they are more comfortable and confident converting.

With Google AdWords, you’re paying per click of your ad. If those clicks don’t lead to something that will drive conversions for your business, there’s no point of having an ad in the first place. Following this guide will improve your Quality Score and bring you success. Want to learn more about optimizing your Google AdWords landing page? Digital Resource is a full-service digital marketing agency that can help your business thrive! Request a FREE internet marketing analysis today!

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