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Like many websites and companies before them, SiteBuilder claims to be an industry leader when it comes to building out your company’s website. They might tell you a lot of things you want to hear and even offer you what might seem like “unbeatable prices”. Is this actually true though? Well, the short answer is no. Don’t believe me? Well, read this SiteBuilder review to learn just a few of the reasons why you should NOT use them.

Reason #1: Pricing

While SiteBuilder might suck you in with an unbeatable introductory offer, overall they are not a good value. As you continue to use them their prices go up making them not the good deal that you originally thought. In addition, many small business owners like yourself who have used them have complained about charges made to their credit cards for services that they did not request. In some cases, those numbers were in the thousands of dollars.

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Reason #2: SEO and Marketing

While they might tell you that they have better basic SEO and marketing tools than some competitors, which isn’t a total lie, that’s all they have going for them. With SiteBuilder, good luck doing any sort of advanced Schema or Sitemaps and forget about being able to customize the user experience. They aren’t even able to avoid duplicate content.

Reason #3: Customer Service

Remember the issue earlier where some people were getting overcharged or charged for services they didn’t ask for? Well, turns out that when they reached out to the customer service team, they weren’t much help. In many situations, customer service representatives simply tired to talk their way out of it or even try and just sell them new services, all the while not actually resolving the issue at hand.

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Don’t Believe This SiteBuilder Review?

Don’t just take our word for it. The Better Business Bureau gave SiteBuilder an NA rating and shows a staggering 100% negative review rating. Instead of dealing with the frustration that is SiteBuilder, consider contacting us at Digital Resource. We’re an internet marketing agency in South Florida that has helped many businesses design the website of their dreams. And we can help you too!

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