Small Business Internet Marketing | What is Google My Business?

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Have you ever Googled a service or store? So, you’ve seen the recommendations that come up at the top of Google’s first page? That could be your business. Small business internet marketing is all about your Google ranking – aka getting into those very first recommendations.

Enter Google My Business. Through My Business, you can create a listing and let potential customers know about your company.

What Can My Business Do for My Company?

is google my business free my small business internet marketing

Google’s My Business makes it easier for consumers to find your business and its associated information. You can provide Google searchers with your business hours of operation, location, phone number and website link. Even if your business is not a brick-and-mortar store, you can use My Business. The best part? It’s free.

My Business is a one-stop shop for potential customers when it comes to finding your business. One feature that is important to note is customer reviews. Customers who have interacted with your business can rate their experience using a starring system and detail their thoughts in the comment section. This is valuable information for other consumers. They get to hear, what they can assume, are honest reviews.

The gist: Google My Business can help potential customers find your business online.

How Does It Work?

how can customers of my small business internet marketing utilize google my business

There are a lot of facets to manage when it comes to Google. But, if you’ve had Google Places for Business or a Google+ Pages Dashboard in the recent past for your business, you were automatically updated to Google My Business.

If you have had no sort of activity on Google until now, you can start by creating a Google account from scratch. Once that is created, My Business allows you to list your business name, where you’re located a so forth. You can also check off your business offers delivery.

Plus, you can add posts to update viewers. Photos of your business can show Google searches that your business is legitimate and maybe pique their interest even more so. Visitors can also post photos. Have an update or special? Tell them about that too. It can all be posted to your listing page for easy viewing.

Additionally, you can set up a simple website – in the event that you don’t already have one – to associate with your listing. These sites offer a custom domain, are mobile responsive and are prepped for Google Adwords.

How Much Activity is Google My Business Generating?

how can customers find my small business internet marketing with google my business

My Business also offers insights. So, after you have put in a few hours of work establishing your presence on My Business, you will be able to see Google following customer actions. That means, when your listing gets a review, a call, a view or any other form of interaction, you will be able to track it.

Want to Learn More about Small Business Internet Marketing?

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