Small Business Live Chat | Why Your Small Business Website Needs Live Chat

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Live chat is taking hold of business websites all over the internet and is having a profound impact on business sales. Sales and overall customer satisfaction are increasing for businesses who add live chat to their website. Live chat is a critical component to generating sales leads and has a high return on investment. Keep reading to learn why small business live chat is right for your business!

do i need small business live chat?Small Business Live Chat: Why Your Business Needs It


While live chat will help you make money, it will also help you save money. There is no complex installation to get live chat software for your small business. A little bit of coding and the right hosting company is all you need. Your small business may already have a receptionist overloaded with phone calls. Hire a company to handle your live chat leads to increase your customer response efficiency.

Chat Transcriptions:

You can never have too much customer data. Live chat on your website adds an additional section to your current website data. This data can provide your small business with important leads and information to better develop their business strategy. Typically, live chat will tell you certain information about the visitor.

Referring Website:

This tells you where the visitor was when then clicked on your website link. Such as Facebook, Google, or other websites. You can use this information to better understand what the site visitor is looking for and give more accurate information.

Type of Device:

Tells you if the website visitor is on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

Idle or Viewing:

You can tell if the visitor is currently sifting through your website or just sitting on a stagnant page. You can also tell how long they have been on the website. The longer they’ve been on the more likely they might need help.

Pages on Website:

Live Chat allows you to see what pages the user has visited and what page they started live chatting on.

Website Visits and Chats: You can tell if they are a new visitor to your website or they have visited several times before. You can also tell is they have sought out help on the website before.


This helps to determine the which country, state, and city the person is from.


Immediate Customer Service

Live chat provides the customer with support any time they need it, no matter what page of the website they are on. No stressful phone calls where you get put on hold. Immediate customer service is helpful when customers need a quick question answered or need to have an in-depth conversation.


Increase Leads

Since live chat will allow the customer to get an immediate response, your leads will increase. It gives website visitors the necessary nudge towards booking an appointment. A customer visiting your website is already interested in your business you can increase leads by offering to pass along their information.

where can i get small business live chat?

What Next?

The important thing to remember when adding live chat is that the person behind your business answering the incoming chats needs to be helpful and informative. When you hire a live chat company to handle your website live chat you are making the best decision for your business. Hire the best small business live chat company in West Palm Beach, Digital Resource! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business generate leads.

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