Small Business Marketing Ideas | Should My Business Make a Podcast?

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Within the realm of multimedia, there’s an array of small business marketing ideas that can take your content to the next level. Starting a podcast can be a great way to share information with your audience. Keep reading to see if a podcast is something you’d be interested in for your business.

What Is a Podcast?

Just like video lets your audience put a face to the name, podcasts let them hear your voice. Podcasts are audio files of you, experts, and other people in general talking to an audience. You can pick a topic or theme and upload them to an array of online platforms. You can then continue them as an ongoing series that offers entertainment or information.

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Why Should My Business Start a Podcast?

Podcasts are a convenient and engaging way of putting out content. On your end, you can present yourself as an expert on your products, services, and industry. Offering your target audience this information can generate more trust and more leads. You can also garner some great engagements and social shares. From your audience’s perspective, they are receiving a new medium for information. They can listen to it at home, on the way to work, or when they’re in need of information.

What Should My Business Podcast About?

The fun thing about a podcast is that you can really talk about anything. If you think it’s going to benefit your audience, you can sit down with a microphone by yourself or with someone else. It can simply be a laidback conversation. Talk about trends in your industry or the latest products your business has released.

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Are You Looking for More Small Business Marketing Ideas?

When it comes to digital marketing, new small business marketing ideas are always popping up! So, if you’re looking to get noticed online with great content, contact us at Digital Resource to learn how our services can better your business.

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