Social Media Advertising Agency | 3 Reasons to Implement Live Video

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Live streaming is a rapidly growing form of content for digital marketing. It is an easily accessible means of receiving news, product information and keeping up with the latest events.  As a social media advertising agency, it is important to focus on participating in the trend and being a key player.

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Why You Need to Use Live Video:

1. Real-Time Engagement

In the first place, live video is a sure-fire way to attract your target audience. The goal of the live video is to keep your audience engaged so they can learn more about your company. For instance, your followers and will be notified about when a live video is occurring. People will watch the video and/or make comments in real-time.

As a result, you can respond back to your followers and see how many people are currently watching. Use these numbers to give you an idea of how far you want your reach to go and work on improving content from your end.


2. Events

Moreover, live video is a great way to offer your followers an insider’s look into your company. Try to use live video for company milestones, conferences, and major publicized events. It showcases your company’s personality and behind-the-scenes information that people are curious about.


3. Learning Platform

Furthermore, live video is a great way for users to learn more about your company’s product or services. For example, LinkedIn launched a live video service, called “LinkedIn Live”. This new service allows users to see information that they would see in their news feed. Users must be invited to see these live videos and grants access to product announcements, Q&A sessions, and tutorials.

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Are You Looking for a Social Media Advertising Agency?

All in all, we know the importance of reaching a wide audience on social media. Live video is a secret weapon that should be utilized within your strategy. Contact us today to get started!

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