Social Media Advertising | Social Media Advertising vs. TV Ads

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You are currently thinking about how to maximize your marketing budget. So you are considering what type of commercials you should create. Also, what would be the best channels and times would work best. But have you thought about going social? People no longer watch TV like they did before. On-demand and digital networks have made traditional TV ads less effective than ever. Social media advertising, on the other hand, has become a great tool for businesses and people alike to reach their precise target audience.

Something to remember is that the world has gone digital. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the social media platforms have become more than just forms of entertainment. Now, these platforms are entertainment, news delivery platforms,  customer service platforms and interactive platforms.

Social media advertising is the most cost effective way to spend your budget.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is any type of marketing that is developed for and relies on social media networks, platforms, or apps. This will allow your business to reach new audiences where they are hanging out. It also helps with existing customers while increasing brand awareness and fostering positive communication with said customers as well as potential customers.

The Advantages Of Social Media Advertising

The to ability target users who have already expressed an interest in a specific product or service is one of the key advantages of social media advertising versus TV advertising. This increases the efficacy of social advertising campaigns, which also creates a better experience for potential customers. Yes, television ads can be targeted at a broad audience demographic, it can’t be hyper-focused towards your “ideal customer”. Social media advertising is amazing at helping you identify niche markets and allowing you to interact with that market.

Targeting The Future

Another advantage over television is that unlike TV ads, social media advertising fosters  an open communication between brand and consumer. It does so via likes, comments, tweets, and social shares. Better yet, social media advertising facilitates feedback regarding a company’s products or services. So you can gain insight into how your products and/or services are being perceived by your target audience, almost immediately.  On top of that, the reach of each campaign can grow exponentially because of the ability of sharing branded or brand-sponsored content within each users’ own social circles. Best of all, social advertising is incredibly effective at targeting the most valued marketing demographic: millennials.

Millennials are the future, literally, and are have become the most difficult demographic to reach. At least when it comes to advertisers. Traditional methods like TV ads no longer work because it’s not the platform of the future. TVs still serve a purpose, but are no longer being used as they once were. This means that you, as a business, need to follow your customers to where most of their attention is being placed. It might seem difficult, but it is doable.

Social media advertising is the most cost effective way to spend your budget.

If you want your business to succeed, it’s time to step away from advertising on TV and towards advertising on social media. To create a cohesive and comprehensive social media advertising strategy, you need an expert team working for you. Digital Resource is that expert team. We can help your business reach new levels of success! We can do this through social media, SEO, and internet marketing tactics. Connect with our digital marketing experts in West Palm Beach today!


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