Social Media Customer Service | 3 Simple Tips

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It’s official, social media customer service is now a necessity for any business. It’s essential for your business to answer everything. This can range from responding to irritated customers to answering common questions about your business. Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics:

86% of consumers stop using a company because of a bad experience.

51% of consumers give up on a purchase if they can’t reach customer service         after 1 attempt.

8 out of 10 consumers would pay more for better customer service.

78% of customers recommend a business after a great customer experience.

80% of businesses think they deliver superior customer service while only 8% of customers think they receive it.

does my business need social media customer service

Clearly, social media customer service must become a priority. Customers want, expect, and are prepared to reward social media customer service. But only if the service lives up to their expectations. It’s imperative that you handle these comments correctly. Below we listed 3 great tips to help you deliver great customer service on social media today.

Tip #1: Help Where They Are

Customers want help in the same place they ask for it. If someone asks for help on Twitter, they want their answer in the form of a tweet. Do not answer in an email. If they post a complaint on Facebook, they don’t want want a phone call.

When you don’t help them where they are, the customer feels shuffled around. 90% of Americans get irritated and are likely to switch companies when they get shuffled around. This is a pet peeve both off and online. So know where your customers are asking for help, and help them there!

Tip #2: Use the Right Tone

You tone of voice is incredibly important in social media customer service. The right tone depends on your customer.  The best way to get this correct is to adjust your tone to match the customer.

If the customer uses emotions, exclamation points, and/or slang – reciprocate. If the customer sounds like they might not be fluent in your language – try to use simple language and avoid slang. If the customer sounds frustrated – be empathetic and use a tone that’s understanding, apologetic, and reassuring.

Pick up on your customers’ subtle cues and match their tones. It will make your customer support extremely effective.

Tip #3: Respond Quickly

If you want to please your customers, a fast response is the perfect way. 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 1 hour. 32% expect it within 30 minutes. Despite this, lots of business aren’t picking up on the urgency customers have.

how often should i practice social media customer service

Stand apart from the competition by responding in a timely manner. You don’t need to respond to customers immediately. Aim to respond within a couple hours. A great technique to do this is to check notifications and respond at the beginning, middle, and end of the the work day.

Providing effective social media customer service is essential if you want your business to succeed. Moreover, it’s another way that you can WOW your customers and keep them coming back for more. Start implementing an effective strategy by helping where they, using the right tone, and responding quickly! It’s that simple. If you have any further questions about social media customer service or social media marketing in general, contact us! We’re West Palm Beach’s social media experts and would love to help your business create a powerful digital presence! Call us at 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today!

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