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As a business, you’ve looking to grow your online presence. Start by creating a strategy for your digital marketing in Orlando. Part of that should focus on the social media aspect of your digital strategy. Even if you already have a plan or strategy in place, perhaps it’s time to update it. Here are five tips to maximize your results.

When planning to maximize your digital marketing in orlando, don't forget to focus on your social media.

Plan For Each Social Media Channel

There is a big difference between having a social media plan in your head and having a social media plan in writing. Your plan for digital marketing in Orlando should consist of several smaller plans that focus on each network individually. Each of these plans should be in writing in case you need to share them with someone else from your team. Even more important than sharing it, having a plan in writing allows you to refer back to it anytime you want to make sure you are on the right path.

For a company that is just starting to become active on social media it’s best to focus on 3 networks or less. The reason for this is simple. You want quality over quantity. To achieve that define the key channels you want to begin with. Unless you have a team that is going to be dedicated 100% to social media only, it’s best to focus on less.

Be Consistent

You don’t have to post multiple times a day nor every day to be successful. What you do have to do is post consistently. If you only want to post once a day, then make sure to post once a day every day. Now, if you decide to post 3 times a day, then select your times and make sure you are posting as scheduled. What about if you want to post every other day? Then go ahead, but again, make it a habit. If your business has a habit of posting with a pre-determined frequency, then your “fans” will get used to looking out for new posts from you in that frequency. If your posting on an  erratic schedule, then people will get tired of not finding new content when they expect it.

Think High Quality, Post High Quality

This is a different facet of quality over quantity. Every single post you create and put out on your social media channels should meet certain criteria. From it being useful to your audience to entertaining your audience in one manner or another. If you’re a company focused on digital marketing in Orlando, then don’t post a picture of London’s Big Ben.

Images Over Text

Photos, pictures, images. Call them what you will, but know that they are the most shared type of content on social media. Having shareable content increases the exposure your brand receives at almost no cost to you. So make sure to incorporate images into your strategy for digital marketing in Orlando.


The new digital landscape is all about interaction. Communication is a two-way street. In traditional marketing you would create a radio ad or pay for a billboard and then would have to wait for the phone to ring to learn about how your message is being received. Worse yet, if it is being received negatively or is being misunderstood, then you might not have a way to fix it quickly. Also, you have to wait for someone to contact you and with traditional marketing, that’s a hassle. But with digital marketing, you can quickly change your messaging. Even better, you can clarify any doubts and you can have full-fledged conversations with potential clients.

When planning to maximize your digital marketing in orlando, don't forget to focus on your social media.

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