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Social media is vital for the long-term success and growth of any company. Moving companies are no different. If you think your company isn’t “exciting” enough to have a social media presence, you are making a costly mistake! Nowadays, every industry is incorporating all social media platforms into their marketing efforts. Why would your moving company be any different? Social media for a moving company has to be a key part of your marketing efforts. Keep reading to learn how you can finally start using the power of social media for your moving company!

Social Media For A Moving Company: How to Get Started

Should I have social media for a moving company?

Step 1: Determine Objectives

Begin by determining your business’s objectives for social media. These would be the goals you want to achieve to help your moving business grow. Common objectives would include: building your brand to attract people to your moving business or engaging with your customers so they will purchase from you. These objectives will help you lay the foundation for an effective social media presence.

Step 2: Target Audience

Next, determine the types of consumers you want to engage with. This will be the target audience that you will be tailoring your social media presence around. For example: consider your audience’s social media behavior and determine what will get them to comment on your posts and like or follow your page.

Step 3: Pick Topics

Create a list of 3-5 topics you want to stick to when you post to social media. For a moving company, this could include images of your business, clients you’ve worked with and employee profiles. This will help narrow down the types of content that you should be posting.

Step 4: Claim Your Pages 

Take ownership of your moving company’s name across all social media platforms. There are 50 million active small business pages on all social media platforms. Make sure that your company name is the same on each platform so that customers can easily find your pages. The first thing you should do after claiming these pages is uploading your logo as a profile picture. Then, fill in all the appropriate information such as business address, email, phone number, and website.

Step 5: Select An Account Manager

Decide who will handle your social media engagement and be responsible for creating and posting images. It is important to have engaging photos and content so you’ll want to make sure this person is reliable and can handle the task. Pictures are 83% more likely to be engaged with versus text only updates.

Step 6: Manage Your Social Media Pages 

Finally, it is imperative that you monitor all your social media channels to ensure that your followers are engaging with your content. Responding to reviews and comments is also important so that your customers feel a connection with your moving company.

Do we need to start social media presence for a moving company?

Where Do I Go From Here?

Starting and maintaining social media for a moving company is time-consuming, but a social media management company can help you by taking this task off your plate. As a business owner, it is important to delegate tasks to the people that can achieve the best results. That is what a social media marketing company can do for you. Hire a team of experts who have a proven success rate with online social media management.There are so many opportunities to grow your moving business through social media. If you’re looking for a social media management company to take your business to the next level, contact Digital Resource for a FREE social media analysis. We can help to build you social media strategy and help you connect with your customers.

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