Social Media for Dentists | How Can I Turn Followers into Patients?

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When it comes to social media for dentists and dental practices, genuine and creative posts are key. Here are some ways that your practice can post on social media in order to boost engagement and turn followers into patients!

4 Ways to Post on Social Media for Dentists

Can social media for dentists get me more patients?Share Team Photos

One great way to boost engagement from your social media followers is to share photos of your team. Whenever your team does something together, take a quick snapshot. Whether it’s going to lunch, completing continuing education or training, or celebrating a holiday, sharing a different side of your practice is a great idea. It also shows that your practice is relatable to potential patients.

Celebrate Orthodontic Treatment

Starting orthodontic treatment can be a stressful time for many kids and teens. Changes in their diet, speech, and appearance due to orthodontic appliances can make them nervous. However, this is not only an opportunity to make your patients feel more at ease but also a way to make the most out of social media engagement.

You can try turning the experience into a celebration of getting a new and improved smile. Take a photo to mark the occasion and use props and other goodies to make it even more fun. Not only will it show your audience on social media that you go the extra mile for patients, but it also demonstrates that your patients don’t need to be nervous about coming in to see you for treatment.

Highlight Events in the Lives of Patients and Team Members

Showing interest in the lives of your team members and patients builds relationships with the people that allow your practice to thrive. It shows that you care while showing more of your practice’s personality and caring nature. Consider “Patient of the Day” or “Team Member of the Day” posts. These can simply show appreciation for the individuals, congratulate team members on accomplishment, or show off a great treatment a patient receives.

Create Opportunities for Patients to Share

For better follower engagement, the most effective posts on social media for dentists are the ones that give potential patients a way to participate. Encourage patients to take pictures at your practice and post about you on their own social media. All of their friends will see their great experience. Then, suddenly you have even more followers and patients.

What can I post on social media for dentists?

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