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In such a competitive industry, searching for ways to set yourself apart is critical in real estate. When it comes down for a seller or buyer to pick their real estate agent, every little detail can make a difference, and having another tool in your arsenal of listing techniques will only help them choose you! So if you are a real estate agent asking yourself if you should be utilizing social media, know that the answer is yes! How should you use social media for real estate agents? And how can your social media presence be a benefit to potential buyers or sellers? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding Social Media for Real Estate Agents

To begin you are going to want to decide how many and what platforms you want to be on. The recommended amount of social media profiles you should have, are as many as you can handle. If you don’t want to take on too many at once at least commit to using the following.

social media for real estate agents tips

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

In the third quarter of 2016, it was reported that Facebook had approximately 1.79 billion monthly active users. Being a real estate agent, you always want to try to get in front of an audience to introduce yourself and sell your services, and a great medium for getting in front of potential customers is through Facebook. Building out a business page and then continually growing your brand on this platform will help people learn who you are and when it comes time for them to choose a real estate agent you will come to mind!

On Facebook you can also utilize their advance ad targeting in order to grow your business page even more. You can target people by behaviors and actions, based on the information Facebook gathers and also information from third parties. You can target people who are potentially getting ready to move or who are searching for a new home, and you can invite them to like your page. Through Facebook ads, your real estate Facebook page will continue to grow with new and potential customers. Once someone likes your page, they are locked into your network, and then by posting interesting and informative content you can engage with them and show them why you should be their real estate agent.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

Social media for real estate agents can be done through a variety of networking sites, one known as the social media for professionals. LinkedIn can be an excellent source for connecting with real estate agents and growing your network. You can publish informative articles and connect with people in your local market. Why would you want to connect with these real estate agents you might be wondering?

When it comes to a listing presentation and selling yourself to a potential seller, one important question that you are always posed is what methods you will use to sell their house. They want to hear more than just listing it on the MLS, and what’s one way you can set yourself apart? Market your listings to your network of real estate agents who may have the buyer for your listing! If you tell the seller what an expansive network of colleagues you can share their home with, you will be one step closer to getting that listing!

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There are many methods you can utilize on social media for real estate agents and many will set you apart from the competition, as not many real estate agents are utilizing social media to the maximum potential. For more tips on using social media for real estate agents, contact our social media marketing company today! We can help you expand your presence and get in front of more potential clients and connect and grow your professional network!

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