Social Media for Restaurants | Top Five Techniques

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Restaurants are all around us. From fast casual to fine dining, there’s always something out there to satisfy our cravings. While most of us have a few go-to spots to eat, we’re always open to trying a new place. With the right marketing strategy, that new place could be your restaurant business! To improve your marketing strategy, start with social media. Using social media for restaurants will effectively attract all of the hungry customers in search of a fresh place to indulge. Here are the top five techniques you can use to master social media for your restaurant.

Using social media for restaurants takes the right techniques.

1. Be Everywhere 

Food is food, and everyone enjoys it. This means that everyone should have the chance to come across your restaurant, regardless of the social media outlet they’re using. Don’t just stick to one social profile. The more you have, the more exposure you’ll get. Creating social profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn is essential for your business.

As you create and design your different social pages, remember to be consistent. Always include your restaurant’s logo, phone number, address and general information, such as the type of cuisine you serve.

2. Optimize Content

Once you have all of your social profiles, it’s important to post content that will draw people in. Written content is a great area to display your restaurant’s individuality. If your restaurant is a casual hang out spot, write your posts in a casual manner. If your restaurant is a place for fine dining, write your posts in an elegant manner. Post about things such as customer experiences, new menu items and special offers. Great platforms for written content are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Visual content is just as important as written content. Have you ever wished you could see pictures of a restaurant’s menu items before you ordered? You can make that happen for your customers by posting photos of your food on social media. These photos should be available on all of your platforms with an emphasis on Facebook and Instagram, because Facebook and Instagram are where people pay the most attention to pictures. You can hire a professional to take photos or do it yourself. Either way, be sure to use quality photos that are bound to make your audience drool.

Learn the techniques to using social media for restaurants.

Videos are another great way to optimize content, because who doesn’t love an entertaining video? Produce videos of your chef in action, your customers enjoying themselves or anything else that will show people what your restaurant is all about. The best and most obvious platform for video content is YouTube, but be sure to share all of your videos to your other social platforms.

And last, but not least, share your press. People generally trust what the press has to say about food, so if you’ve made it to the press, let people know. They’ll feel more confident in your restaurant and more inclined to check it out.

3. Engage

With active social media profiles, your fan base will continue to increase. This means that you’ll notice more and more interactions coming in, such as comments, messages and reviews. For successful social media growth, it’s extremely important to engage with these interactions. Therefore, you must respond to everyone and do it in a timely fashion.

If people inquire about business hours, provide them with the hours and insist that they let you know if they have any other questions. When people write good reviews, enthusiastically thank them for it. When people write bad reviews, sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and assure them that you’ll fix the problem. Engaging with social media users is similar to having good customer service; it lets people know you’re real. Consistent engagement will make people feel comfortable with and connected to your business on a personal level.

4. Advertise

Investing in digital advertising for your business is a great way to improve sales. Social media sites have evidently caught onto this, as many now offer the option for users to advertise. Facebook ads are a favorable tool for businesses because more than 1.4 billion people use the network to connect with people, places and things. As these people scroll down their news feeds every day, they’re exposed to various Facebook ads that have been targeted to them. And many times, they click these ads. Those clicks could be towards your business.

A great aspect of advertising your restaurant on Facebook is that you have significant control of it. You can choose the amount of users you want to reach and who you want to reach, depending on demographics such as gender, age and location. That way, you can design your ads specifically based on who you’ll be targeting. With targeted ads, your efforts will be much more effective than they would have been with traditional ones.

5. Analyze

The best part about using social media for restaurants is that everything is measurable. Measuring your social media marketing efforts will allow you to improve your strategy based on what is and isn’t working for your business. For example, if you were to notice that tons of users engage with your videos, then you would know to focus on generating more video content.

Measuring your social media marketing efforts to optimize your future ones will save you time, money and in the end, customers. You can learn how to use Facebook Insights and other social media analytics tools by visiting their websites or reading up on some informative social media blog posts.

Learn More About Using Social Media for Restaurants Today!

In conclusion, social media for restaurants is key to increasing sales. But as you can see, there’s a lot that goes into it. Making the most of your social media presence takes a great deal of knowledge, creativity and consistency. Luckily, you can hire a team of internet marketing experts to handle the social media for your restaurant business. Digital Resource is a full service digital marketing agency with the skills and experience to help your business grow. Contact our team at (561) 429-2585 or request a free internet marketing analysis today!


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