Social Media for Small Business | How Do I Handle Complaints on Facebook?

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Social media is the number one online activity. For this reason, having social media for small business has become increasingly popular and almost necessary. While social media is a great outlet for customers to express their love for a certain product or service, it also gives the opportunity for them to complain. Instead of ignoring negative feedback, it’s better to acknowledge the customer’s dissatisfaction. Think about it – if someone were to complain to you face to face, you wouldn’t ignore them right? Facebook, being the largest social media site, is definitely a place you should know how to handle complaints on. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you be better prepared for these situations so you can use social media for small business effectively.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms when starting social media for a small business. If a dissatisfied customer expresses their complaint on your Facebook page, there are a few ways to go about handling the situation. First, it depends on how the complain is left. On Facebook, users can post a complaint directly to a business’ wall or leave the comment as a review. The difference between these two options is that you cannot delete reviews, so your choices are to ignore or to respond – we say respond. While it is not recommended to immediately delete every single negative comment, it is an option. Deleting comments entirely is probably best if the user is using explicit language, or if they are just posting negative words about your business and not really addressing a problem that you could offer a solution too. If you do feel it best to not have the comment on your page you should still address the situation by messaging the person privately and offer an apology. If a user posts a comment complaining, you also have the ability to “hide” the comment. This means that the comment will be hidden from being seen on your page by other users, but will still be visible to the user who posted it. For questionable posts, it’s best to hide the comment. If you feel the problem needs to be discussed in more detail, sending a private message to the user is a good idea. This way, you can discuss the problem without it being viewable to the public.

how to handle complaints on social media for small business

Here are a few things to remember when responding to Facebook complaints:
Respond Promptly

Social media for small business is an effective way to connect with customers, but you have to utilize it. If an unhappy customer sees you have been active on your page, but have still not acknowledged their feedback, that will only make them more unhappy and send the message that you don’t care. In fact, two thirds of users contacting a brand on social media expect a response that same day. Responding quickly to a complaint will show customers that their satisfaction is a top priority.

Personalize Your Response

Personalizing responses and not copying and pasting a general response really has an affect on the image of your business. It shows that you took the time to genuinely consider their problem. People like to know they are talking to a real person and not receiving an automated response. An easy way to increase the personalization of your response is to include the user’s name. Obviously, you should also create these messages on the spot so each is unique.

 Stay Calm and Kind

Resist the urge to fight back or be rude. Starting an argument with an already unhappy customer will do neither of you any good. Isn’t the customer always right? So admit your mistake in a professional and kind tone (using all caps will not relay this message).

 Offer an Apology With a Solution

A response with just a sincere apology is not enough. You have to take action. Offer an apology and include the steps you’re taking next to help fix the problem. Some solutions may be more complex than others and would be better handled off of social media. In this case, ask for direct contact by getting their phone number or email address so you can provide better assistance.

When responding to complaints on social media, remember that it is in the public eye. How you handle complaints could shape how other user’s view your business. Making some sort of effort to respond shows other users that you are engaged and that you care. Did you know that 71% of consumers who experience positive customer care on social media are more likely to recommend the brand to others? Remember that next time you receive a negative comment on Facebook.

Managing social media for small business can be a challenging, but rewarding task. If you need help with your social media or have any questions about it, we can help!. We are professionals in internet marketing and would love to help you learn how you can grow your business online. Call our Digital Marketing Agency at 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today!

Jenna graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Alabama and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and marketing experience from her schooling and internship programs. Having handled many clients on numerous occasions, she is customer service oriented and provides assistance in a professional and friendly manner.

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